“Madam, would you like anything else?”


I’ve. Had. Enough.

I’m done with this junk you serve on a platter
This sorry excuse of a diet
That I swallow,
To convince myself that I’m eating
A 5 second prayer, one verse of scripture
To convince myself that I’m growing…
I’m sick of it!

I’m tired of your new recipes
Food that feeds on me.
Superficial Christianity with a dash of religion,
Truth served rare with ego stuffings.
Glamorized gospels that are far from good news
leaving me bloated, constipated
full of myself and void of Him.

And what’s with the drinks?
Sweet to taste, but leaves an unquenchable thirst
words promising but empty
incapable of answering life’s burning questions
Don’t you serve Living Water??

And why is your food so costly?
your charges are outrageous!
My relationship with God, My peace, My joy, My destiny is too high a price.

So I’m sorry Mediocre Christianity
I won’t be having any more.
I’ve. Had. Enough.

Damaris Akhigbe
(C) 2020


Lord of the earth, unknowing.
Born Heroes; living victims.
Black Panthers scared shitless.
Superintendents gone puny.

So primitive. So common. Like dirt.
As is the sunrise.
Aye, it doesn’t make him, nor the sunrise,
Any less a miracle; any less a beauty.
But then…

“Ye are Gods,” I heard Him say.
Creators, made He you.
But it’s sad.
You only live as pawns on a chessboard.
And you die like mere scum of the earth.
Who knew the hashtag was truth, after all.
Men are scum, indeed.

Oh, man.
Pity! PITY!
I mean, you share a last name with Deity!
With Yahweh Himself!
Oh, that you knew thyself!
And, that, to thy sweet self, you be true.

Do not your dreams whisper to you
The destiny of your race?
Do not your superheroes, your folklores, your movies
Point towards mastery?
And power?
And love?

Does not your genius, your spirit
Nudge you ever so silently
To rule from the top of the rainbow?
To conquer the sky you’ve agreed is your limit?

Who has deceived you?
Oh, man!
“Evolve, man!
Eternity screams.
Immortality beckons.

But no. You’ll read this poem, this call,
And just move on.

Nonso John
© 2019


Dead zone
Broken soul
Scary shadows
Those are rhythms of a poor old kid
Whose ways never pleased anyone, not even herself.

No hope
Buried grace
Weak for the race
Those are top list words recorded in the word billboard of her mind
She used to be of the royal line
But now goodness turned to lime
She sees God’s intentions as the least
Her faith so rusty and loosen like an abandoned screw
There she becomes a beast that feast with the devil.

Records of heart failures
Impotent to believe the best inside
Drenched with the thoughts of discovery
Draining in the memory lane of no understanding
Tears from the sole of the heart dripping down like flood yet none sees these flood of questions buried in tears

Travelling alone in travail… I weep in smiles…
Because in my green days have I grown grey because am yet to discover the me in me

In silenced smiles I’m drown in fears because my mind has become aged in thoughts

Hold my weeping mind
Embrace my tears in warmth,
Caress me with words of rescue
Carry me in the wings of warmth understanding
For I drown in silence

Oh…save me from this destiny device
For I transit into the groove of eternity
My powerhouse drowns
I plead for restoration if that exist
I seek for redemption for this battle is beyond me

The Alchemist
© 2019


Hmmm…Have you walked down this lane?
The lane of the warring voices embedded in the mind?
Where voices rage war in the soft bones of your mind,
Over choices and decisions,
Voices sounding right under the spell of imaginative confusion,
Wrong when castrated of the spell,
Where reasoning becomes afraid to reason,
Cos even in the cause of reasoning choices coated in capsules of poison seize thy taste of choice,
Confused over nothing yet confused over everything,

Drowned in the ocean of counterfeited uncertified voices draining broken pieces of unfulfilled dreams sketched out,
These voices keep on speaking,
That the only surviving cartilage in the brain of my head has been ruptured
Unseen yet powerful and influential voices, trapped in myriads of scorn,
This is an inbuilt ethnic war,
Who can save me from this destiny device,
Where voices echo unraveled solutions and complicated ideas to same thing,
Which do my being become a slave to?

Rains of confusion has embarked on a rescue journey at the central park of my head,
Taking rest at the hallucinated desolate field of lost,
The sweet and gentle voice of procrastination has embalmed its statue in me and silenced my voice of reason placing it in the solitudinal grave of eternity,

I wear smiles wrinkled on the inside,
Spraying the perfume of faded smile to avoid panel of questioning,
Inner pimples has eaten deep my dimpled mind of rest,
Hiding under the cloaky face care of MARY KAY
To bring out the dimples amidst the pimpled troubled mind,

Which voice do I cling to?
The sugar coated diabetic voice or the fading- like silent voice embedded with thorns and water logged pathway to destiny,

OH!!! OH
War of voices within…
My soul has become aged at the peak of my youthful mind,
Let me think and make one… my permanent abode for a gloomy doom await the confused mind making choices,
Follow me on my journey but with cautioned silence.

Kanu Nonye

© 2018




So Abram departed, as the Lord had spoken unto him
Genesis 12:4

So I know you want to fulfil destiny. I hear all the amazing things God has told you, the promises, the plans, the strategies and yet I’m wondering

“Why on earth are you sitting on all of this, acting like you’ve got no place to go? I mean few minutes ago, one would think you had no clue what the word destiny even meant”.

Now how on earth do we end up here?
Sure too many reasonable and unreasonable reasons would pop up but hey I’m not interested in that, there’s not enough time to discuss that. Get up and get going!
Abram heard the call and I tell you, he didn’t wait till months later or till he saved up enough capital for this travelling business; He just up and went.

“Wait up now dude, are you saying we should not prepare?”

Ummm. YES. Seriously, I know it sounds kinda unreasonable but better put I’m saying the moment you get instructions you should start acting on them. I tell you if Abram had spent a day between God’s speaking and take-off, any passer-by would only have to see Abram to know he was about to travel.

Look like where you’re going

I’ll tell you what delays people into ever achieving their dreams: EXCUSES (and I tell you this from first-hand experience). Now many people would associate excuses with laziness but in reality, excuses are basically anything reasonable and unreasonable, commendable and otherwise that stops you from getting results.
So basically if you’re ever going to look for an excuse you’re going to find one. Always. If you’re still wondering what your sustenance would be I’ll tell you Abram’s, he went based on the word from the Lord. So it’s simple…

GO ON THE WORD…it never fails.

And please, please, please, start NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, not when you have a partner, NOW…NOW…NOW! Seriously, right this moment, NOW! Don’t wait another second, start the journey to your destiny. The journey of a thousand miles they say starts with a step. Make that step today.

Read on… its totally gonna be worth it!


Get you out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father’s house, unto a land I will show you

God. (Genesis 12:1)

Abram’s instruction was to leave not just his home but his country as well, his family. Not so cool, right?
However, before you do anything rash, this was Abram’s instructions not yours but nonetheless we can learn something from it still and note this:

The call always propels you out of your comfort zone.

If your ‘call’ keeps you in the norm, along the lines of what you know and consider familiar or what you feel is feasible, then listen again.

Now notice something peculiar; Abram’s call did not specify his destiny-ation per se, it only made one thing clear, he would have to rely totally on Gods geographical mastery and faithfulness to see this through. So God says go , my friend just go. You don’t have any idea as to where you are going but go. No idea how long it might take, still go. God says,
“Trust me, that is good enough”.

To my folks who are not so sure about where exactly you’re heading to in this ‘destiny’ thing, well things are not as bad as you paint them in fact God is excited to lead you just the way you are. So the answer to your question on how to discover destiny is quite simple:

Trust God. Follow God

Beautiful, ain’t it?
But hey that’s just the call, we ain’t got there yet. Stay put, read on and yeah before I forget the promises that follow this call are always spectacular, something too big to comprehend, too massive to believe but I tell you it is possible. You’ve got God on this one with you.

Seriously read on!


Now this is the point where you might want to get a Bible and read through Genesis 12&13. (I’ll be making a lot of reference to that)


You know that nagging feeling you’ve got in your chest, that certainty that you have what it takes to be great, impactful, that thing that makes you look to the mountain tops and see nothing but possibility; you just know there’s something more and yeah, you can’t shut down that feeling so quit trying because you my friend has heard the call.
“What now?” you say…

I tell you it’s your innate identity calling forth for manifestation. This call leaves you yearning for heights you’ve not yet reached. It promises you the world at your fingertips. When you got it you got it. You can deny it but please don’t numb it, don’t ignore it, now is the time to listen carefully. Suffice me to say that if you go ahead to do something about this without God being involved you might find yourself in a good old shipwreck and oh how great your frustration would be. So please do yourself a favour,


If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ’s care, you desperately need to now. I tell you it was the best decision I ever made and I’m undoubtedly sure that it would be yours too.
(If you have no one who you can talk to immediately, just say the salvation prayer at the top right pane of this page in faith and then you can send us a mail to our official address: christapoet@gmail.com for further questions, prayer or counselling)

So now that you’ve got God in, what you want to do is listen, instructions are on their way.

Stay tuned…