Get you out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father’s house, unto a land I will show you

God. (Genesis 12:1)

Abram’s instruction was to leave not just his home but his country as well, his family. Not so cool, right?
However, before you do anything rash, this was Abram’s instructions not yours but nonetheless we can learn something from it still and note this:

The call always propels you out of your comfort zone.

If your ‘call’ keeps you in the norm, along the lines of what you know and consider familiar or what you feel is feasible, then listen again.

Now notice something peculiar; Abram’s call did not specify his destiny-ation per se, it only made one thing clear, he would have to rely totally on Gods geographical mastery and faithfulness to see this through. So God says go , my friend just go. You don’t have any idea as to where you are going but go. No idea how long it might take, still go. God says,
“Trust me, that is good enough”.

To my folks who are not so sure about where exactly you’re heading to in this ‘destiny’ thing, well things are not as bad as you paint them in fact God is excited to lead you just the way you are. So the answer to your question on how to discover destiny is quite simple:

Trust God. Follow God

Beautiful, ain’t it?
But hey that’s just the call, we ain’t got there yet. Stay put, read on and yeah before I forget the promises that follow this call are always spectacular, something too big to comprehend, too massive to believe but I tell you it is possible. You’ve got God on this one with you.

Seriously read on!


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