Now this is the point where you might want to get a Bible and read through Genesis 12&13. (I’ll be making a lot of reference to that)


You know that nagging feeling you’ve got in your chest, that certainty that you have what it takes to be great, impactful, that thing that makes you look to the mountain tops and see nothing but possibility; you just know there’s something more and yeah, you can’t shut down that feeling so quit trying because you my friend has heard the call.
“What now?” you say…

I tell you it’s your innate identity calling forth for manifestation. This call leaves you yearning for heights you’ve not yet reached. It promises you the world at your fingertips. When you got it you got it. You can deny it but please don’t numb it, don’t ignore it, now is the time to listen carefully. Suffice me to say that if you go ahead to do something about this without God being involved you might find yourself in a good old shipwreck and oh how great your frustration would be. So please do yourself a favour,


If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ’s care, you desperately need to now. I tell you it was the best decision I ever made and I’m undoubtedly sure that it would be yours too.
(If you have no one who you can talk to immediately, just say the salvation prayer at the top right pane of this page in faith and then you can send us a mail to our official address: for further questions, prayer or counselling)

So now that you’ve got God in, what you want to do is listen, instructions are on their way.

Stay tuned…


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