My King

I fell… Yes, I fell.

Not for any fault of his, because he kept his own part of the bargain. He tried to talk me out of it, but I felt I could handle this one. If only I stopped to retrospect on the last time I tried to handle issues by myself, maybe I would have responded differently.

But guess what? He came to me in the mess I created for myself, by myself. A hand could have been enough, but he carried me. Ooh… Did I tell you how messed up I was? Did I tell you what he had to put up with while he carried me? He didn’t only have to put up with the vulgarity of my vanity, he endured the stench of my wetted pants.

If this was up to you, I can understand if you let me rot in my mess. Trust me, I would not take it out hard on you. My reasons are simple; I created this mess by myself.

He had over 7 billion matters to attend to, but it didn’t keep him from coming back for me. He didn’t just come, he came right on time. I mean that much to him.

He is my wonderful counselor, Prince of Peace… Above all, he is my King!


(Transforming the World through the Word)



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