Text: Gen. 37:1-11

One of the most difficult things that a man that has a mandate from God deals with his family. It is not always easy to get your family to understand your purpose in life, especially when it is not in line with their plans for you. Your family will want to approve what kind of education you get, who you would marry, even the job you will do and so on. Every father will always desire the best for the child and will do everything within their power to ensure the child fits into the plan. Most often than not, this forms a huge wall that tries to limit the child.

I have a friend who the father desired him to be a medical doctor. He failed in the initial attempt to get admission to study Medicine, but he was admitted to study Pharmacy. The father allowed him to go for it in order to avoid him staying home, but still had his plans. After two years in school studying Pharmacy, which he had become fond of, he got admission to study Medicine. Obviously, his father influenced it. My friend refused to leave Pharmacy that he had already loved for Medicine, which the father wanted. In a bid to get my friend to change his mind, the father cut him off every means of finances. In the end, he was coerced to leave Pharmacy for Medicine.

I can imagine Joseph before the father narrating his dream. Though the father loved him so much, the father still scolded him. What Joseph was telling his father was definitely contrary to the father’s plans for him. Joseph was expecting the father to encourage him, but what he got was a scolding.

Please know this today that God does not need anyone’s permission to bring to pass what he has said about you. If your family is not in support of the fact that you are following your God-given dream, do not be dismayed, God has a plan that will make that dream come to pass. Just stay on course.

In the next episode, I’ll share with us some tips that will help us deal with this family limitation.

Please share with others and let it bless them as it blessed you

Stay blessed.       

(Transforming the World through the Word)


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