Text: Gen. 37:1-11

I got born again the same year I got admission in the university. Before then, I had friends that I usually hung around with, who had hideous tendencies. I found myself deep in these relationships before I was arrested by God. One of the challenges I had was to translate what has happened to me to my friends. I saw the need to break out of that circus, but I lacked the will power to. For about a year after I got born again, I was struggling to get my friends to understand that I was a different person. Well, God helped me and I was able to declare my stand and break out of that circus.

It is easy to do the pulpit gymnastics on the necessity to stand out, but trust me, when your life is at stake, that is when you will fully grasp what is involved.

Standing out is not something you do by your own strength, you need God’s help. In standing out, you will make a whole lot of enemies, who might go to the extent of wanting to take your life.

Joseph faced this situation. He made a choice not to be part of what his brothers were doing. I can imagine a scenario where the brothers will connive and sell some of their father’s sheep and agree to tell their father that they were either stolen or attacked by wild animals. Joseph may have eavesdropped on their plan and reported to their father. It made the brothers hate him. Of course you are not expecting Simeon to come back and give him a pat in the back and say, “well done Jo”. There was a big rift between Joseph and his elder brothers.

Joseph knew he was a special child, so he was more interested in doing what pleased the father than collude with his brothers. He cherished his father’s love more than his brothers’ praises.

As a believer, God has special love and a great plan for your life. You ought also to reciprocate this love by doing the things that pleases Him. The world will hate you, that’s alright. People will scorn you, it’s okay. Just take a stand to sustain what you share with your father, that’s all that matters.

Please share with others and let it bless them as it blessed you

Stay blessed.       
(Transforming the World through the Word)


2 thoughts on “#CHOSEN 04: STAND OUT

  1. Bolu Ola says:

    This post reminds me of Lecrae’s Outsiders. To the world I’m Outside with my Insides cos my insides make me an outsider. Awesome post Mr Godswill. #nice_to_meet_you

    Liked by 1 person

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