The Reply

I’m not trying to prove anything… Am doing my Father’s work… And am not doing it in my own strength, which is infinitesimal at most compared to him in me, but I am simply renewing my mind in the Word.

There’s reconciliation to be done, gospel to be preached, I’m simply renewing my mind so I don’t live out the hypocritical religion that is the trend of our age and, worse still, make disciples in this order.

I speak things that are simply truth, with proof in the Bible. Whether you aimed at being liked or not does not always affect whether you are liked or not.

This is my message; Christ came to reveal the will of Our God to us, and to redeem us from the enemy. He was resurrected to show that I will be resurrected, and the implications of my faith in him is that I have received life in abundance.

I no longer live, but the Life springs out of me, but if I don’t renew my mind, I will be a hindrance to God’s grace and although I am saved and will make it to heaven, I will not have partaken in the work wherein I am a co-labourer with God.

I am a Spirit. I am a God. I and my Father are one. I am the Temple of God. This is truth and the proof is my love, not for the world and its transience,  but for God’s children and those who God is also working to save.

‘Spirit lead me’ is synonymous with ‘Father lead me’… Or ‘Jesus lead me’;

‘Theology’ is just a nominal designation ascribed to an endeavor to know God… I know my God… I am only getting to know more about what He has made in me, given me and said to me. I redefine EVERYTHING by HIS standards.

Like  you said- this is my Heritage. You are only wrong about me needing to pray about it.

John 3 says nothing about praying.
Roman 8 says nothing about praying.
Colossians 3 says nothing about praying.

I am not afraid to fall into the hands of the Almighty.

Only those whose unbelief blinds them from accepting the gift of life through Christ should be afraid of that. And that’s what Paul was referring to when he said that in Hebrews.

I believe God… His righteousness has been inputted on my account.


I love it…


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