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My name is Godswill Ezeonyeka and I am blessed to be here. I feel privileged but what can I say. When God calls He fills also. That is to say whatever you are meant to do you already have capacity to. It just needs a bit of harnessing.


7 years ago, Wordsmith was not a word meet to describe me. In fact I was at an impasse with myself because I really wanted to know what it was I could do to impact my world, but writing at the time was not an option. Probably just a distant memory because rewind some 15 years I had tried my hands on poetry and that was it. But then during my university days, I once was watching an episode of Turning Point and they had this poet perform a piece. As I watched, I had this certainty, call it conviction if you will, that I could do what she did and needless to say I was excited inside because I loved it. I loved it and I wanted to do it and your guess is as good as mine “I did nothing about it”. Till I got an idea that was stubborn, it wouldn’t leave. It seemed as if my mind had a life of its own and soon I had to write. It was my first good poem (at least I think so) and it was more of a release than it was passion.

But then I had this question. WHAT NEXT? Now that I have written. What next?

That question’s metamorphosis is the vision that is Christ A Poet. You can visit to see what that is about. But this story I shared is to make a point; “Purpose is what directs passion and skill to solve problems”.

Many people writers are familiar with the writer’s block syndrome. But I can tell with your writer’s block on full gear, if your life depends on it, you will write and write well. As writers or artists in general, if your art creation is not for a reason bigger than yourself, you will always be substandard to who you can be.

Purpose drives you when you have the “inspiration”. Purpose drives you when you are sick. Purpose keeps you up late at night thinking of the perfect word to complete a line of thought. Purpose will make you go to your friends, beg them to put on the generator so you charge your phone and write. In general, Purpose takes the excuses out of the game. If you still have excuses (no matter how valid they are) for not writing, then you do not have a big enough reason/purpose yet. Purpose in simple definition is Why you write.


Before you rush to answer this question lets see what writing can do.

How Books Saved My Life

NOVEMBER 1, 2013

By Lindsey Collins

There is a term (a legitimate medical term), called bibliotherapy, and I think, unknowingly, it might have saved my life.

Bibliotherapy– noun; an expressive therapy that uses an individual’s relationship to the content of books and poetry and other written words as therapy. The basic concept behind bibliotherapy is that reading is a healing experience.

There are libraries that make a practice of prescribing books to people as a form of therapy. The Center for Fiction in New York City actually employs bibliotherapists to give out book prescriptions. I think this might be the most amazing idea.

But back to me, and how books saved my life.

I was never suicidal, but I was angry and confused and hurting. My story is less common than most (at least I think so) but I hope you will still understand. Tragic circumstances took an angry, typical 15-year-old and made me into a walking emotional wreck. Most people who knew me then probably thought it wasn’t a big difference considering what I’d been through, but it was. I am just an exceptionally good faker.

When I was 15, my dad got sick. The disease doesn’t matter, but six months later he was blind. It’s been more than seven years, and it’s a fact that I still have a hard time accepting. When he first got sick, there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t make him better, couldn’t show the doctors how to fix him, and I felt helpless. So I turned to books. And TV shows. Any story I could find with a mystical, supernatural, or mysterious component. I carried books everywhere, weighing down my purse or just in my hands like a personal shield. I needed stories that didn’t require me to think beyond reading the words or watching a screen, and I threw myself in other (fictional) people’s problems. I cried with them, I laughed with them, I pitied them, and I used them. I used them to soften my own problems, the problems lurking in my house that I couldn’t repair. I don’t think I realized at the time, how much my situation was influencing my choices. I picked shows where people had the ability to heal, something I would’ve given anything to be able to do. I picked shows where 16-year-old girls fought monsters, both real and imaginary. In those six months I probably read a hundred books and watched a thousand hours of TV (sleep was not really being a friend at this point). Mostly it’s all a blur.

I’m 22 now. I’ve graduated from college, and I’m looking for a job. Looking back, I think those stories saved my life. They let my mind walk away and showed me that the characters I loved were the strong ones, and that I could be strong too.

This I culled from a site to show something people don’t pay attention to. Writing can change the world, one person a time. Yes many think reading is boring, yes many don’t see why you work so hard to string these words, and yes it all seems futile and you feel not appreciated and irrelevant. But you have your audience and no matter how little or big they are, they are hanging on your every word and they deserve your very best.

  1. Pursuit.

I am for the most part a poet. This means I try a lot of stuff, and I have learnt much. This platform is a bit limited for a proper transfer of knowledge but instead of giving you fish. I will tell you why and how you could fish.

First, you are only as creative as the amount of skill you have access to. What you dont know you cannot be creative with. Grow your skill.

Lets take poetry:

Poetry is the genre of literature with the fewest use of words. Prose and Drama get the liberty of using a tonne of words to drive home a point that the rhythm and rhyme constrictions of poetry will give you only 8 syllables to do same. Like every art form, there are rules. You have got to learn them. Some of such is:

  1. Rhyme and Rhythm: Lose this and you don’t have a poem. Your ability to string words in such a fashion that the mind of the reader travels but you still have control of where it goes is key to creating a good piece of poetry.

Disclaimer: Not every poem rhymes but all poems have rhythm.

  1. Structure: With many types of poetry at our disposal, an understanding of structure gives you a guide to follow. So when you choose a structure, you stick to it and get the best off it.

Examples of structural decisions:

Number of lines per verse

Rhymes or no rhymes

Language of choice

Story etc.

Find them, understand them. This applies to most forms of writing.

There is a lot you can do with writing but if you don’t seek to know you might find yourself stuck in a circle, writing the same things. And then writing gets boring both for you and the reader. So seek skill!

One easy way to learn is to watch and learn from those doing stuff you can’t yet do. In the story above… The poet in question was Janette…ikz. I presently have almost all her videos available on the internet. Infact I presently have over a 100 poetry videos. I am not sure of the number because I have not counted.

Also exercise is key. Take time to try new stuff when you write. You might not get it now but you will get better if you start now. Subject your work to criticisms and take them well. In 5 years time no word said to you will mean as much. And by all means write! Write! Write!

One more thing.

There are two kinds of writers. Those that wait for inspiration and those that draw inspiration out of its hiding place.

All these I am pointing is to say; When you have purpose, you have a reason to write. When you acquire skill you are equipped to fulfill purpose.


These little lines of mine I wrote is a spin off the popular children song (I’m sure you all noticed). And like this song I hope this time we shared gives you a reason or an answer or inspiration to know you have what it takes to change the world in those little lines of yours.

(C) Godswill Ezeonyeka



Chimamma: Its on the 19th of may 2016

Chimamma: Burn down the palaces of doctrines and denominations

Chimamma: She is ONE CHURCH

Chimamma: We are gods. Stay close to the centre cos we are nothing but dead gods without the life of Him who gives it

Cindy: so them words carry power if they are Gods and if they be spoken…….. #word

I am DaNiel Achi-kanu. I am a Son of God, perhaps like you. I’m also a poet, I’d like you to know about PENSPEAK 2016- A spoken word poetry event happening in the UNN this May.

PensPeak ’15 found me in audience starry eyed staring at God’s stars in the sky of our generation…

But it was early in the evening…and as the year evened out even I found myself picking up the pieces of my blown away mind…

PensPeak ’16 found me piecing pieces to Peace and please don’t simply be pleased by this piece of pieces…

Its early in the eve of the evening when its happening. Happen in tune with us…even out the event with us.

UNN, May 19.
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Pieces and pens make Pen’s Peak…

Be a piece… Don’t just speak


The Reply

I’m not trying to prove anything… Am doing my Father’s work… And am not doing it in my own strength, which is infinitesimal at most compared to him in me, but I am simply renewing my mind in the Word.

There’s reconciliation to be done, gospel to be preached, I’m simply renewing my mind so I don’t live out the hypocritical religion that is the trend of our age and, worse still, make disciples in this order.

I speak things that are simply truth, with proof in the Bible. Whether you aimed at being liked or not does not always affect whether you are liked or not.

This is my message; Christ came to reveal the will of Our God to us, and to redeem us from the enemy. He was resurrected to show that I will be resurrected, and the implications of my faith in him is that I have received life in abundance.

I no longer live, but the Life springs out of me, but if I don’t renew my mind, I will be a hindrance to God’s grace and although I am saved and will make it to heaven, I will not have partaken in the work wherein I am a co-labourer with God.

I am a Spirit. I am a God. I and my Father are one. I am the Temple of God. This is truth and the proof is my love, not for the world and its transience,  but for God’s children and those who God is also working to save.

‘Spirit lead me’ is synonymous with ‘Father lead me’… Or ‘Jesus lead me’;

‘Theology’ is just a nominal designation ascribed to an endeavor to know God… I know my God… I am only getting to know more about what He has made in me, given me and said to me. I redefine EVERYTHING by HIS standards.

Like  you said- this is my Heritage. You are only wrong about me needing to pray about it.

John 3 says nothing about praying.
Roman 8 says nothing about praying.
Colossians 3 says nothing about praying.

I am not afraid to fall into the hands of the Almighty.

Only those whose unbelief blinds them from accepting the gift of life through Christ should be afraid of that. And that’s what Paul was referring to when he said that in Hebrews.

I believe God… His righteousness has been inputted on my account.


I love it…

Is Christianity a Religion? (if NOT, what’s the difference?)

The Dictionary cannot solve this argument.

I say that because English Language was not the origin of the word religion. It was borrowed.

That said, religion came from latin word: religio which originally means RITUAL, not ritual like blood sacrifices though (because that word was also borrowed from latin). Ritual, originally means something you do at certain intervals following certain rules and patterns. It’s usually boring. For instance, you might hear someone saying that taking a walk is their evening ritual. It means that they do it everyday, following the same pattern

Another word for it is ROUTINE

So religion (latin: religio) means something done following certain patterns and traditions that must be done the same way every time.
Adapted to English Language, it is man following certain patterns in his attempt to find, connect and communicate with beings superior to him.

So you can say certain sects of “Christianity” are religious. Like the Catholic Church. Everything has to be repeated the same way, every time (If you are a Catholic here, no offense!). You do know I am saying the truth though ‘cos I used to be one.

Religion is man’s desperate search for God.

Christianity on the other hand, is God’s search for man.

Nothing in Christianity is routine.

You could go from simple to crazy. Nobody’s saying you have to get on your knees to communicate with God. It can be done any how! That’s Christianity. The only thing common to the ‘religion’ of Christianity (yes I used brackets because it’s not a religion) is that you must believe, accept, and appropriate the salvation God bought with His own blood, and invite Him into your life, while doing a complete turn-around from satan, sin and the world

Or you could look at it like this:
Religion is the law. Christianity is Grace

Religion gives you DOs and DON’Ts

Christianity makes you want to be like the God of Heaven. So even without the law, the Christian will never sin
He cannot

Because he has lost the nature of sin

It is like a dog and a man. The dog cannot say anything without barking. It’s not the barking that makes it a dog, but because it’s a dog, barking is its nature. If it opens its mouth, it barks. Whether it wants to or not. The same way, it is not the act of sin that makes the sinner. It is the fact that he’s a sinner that makes it impossible for him not to sin. But if that dog is changed to a man, it has lost the nature of barking. But it can still bark, but it doesn’t mean he’s a dog. The Christian can make a mistake and sin. Doesn’t make him a sinner. He simply let himself act like dog. He can go take a bath (to you, that’s the blood of Jesus) and remain a clean man, but a sinner, no matter how religious, cannot not-Sin.

‘Nonso John
Author “THRONES”
Christ A Poet Author

Christianity is accepting Christ and confessing Him with your mouth. Then in faith allowing Him to finish what He has started at your salvation. Religion as regards Christianity, is accepting Christ *or not accepting Him for some*, but trying to finish what He has started in any way.

Uche Njoku
Christ A Poet Author

Christianity: It is a control of a Life by the Holy Spirit.
Religion: More of human effort and not God doing it.

Pastor Segun Abe
Fragrance of Life Ministries.

The difference is that Jesus didn’t come to introduce any religion. Jesus came to show Himself as the Saviour and the same with God the Creator. That’s why He said I Am THE, and not a, Way…
I AM THE ONLY ONE! (Remember John 4).

Jesus told that woman, the time comes, and now is it, that you will neither worship in the same, nor in Jerusalem, but worship God in the Spirit. So, He didn’t come to set up a religion and state that one is the best. He just came to connect humans to their true God, in the right way and the only way.

So, He is not a religious leader. Neither did He establish a religion. He is God, and every one following Him is not into religion.

Religion is a way of getting to know a supreme being and please such. Following Jesus, we are not trying to please God. God is saying to us in Christ Jesus, I am pleased with you already. Everything we are doing for God in Christ Jesus is born out of His love for us rather than we trying to get His attention.

Religion tries to get a supreme being’s attention whereas following Jesus is more of God getting our attention and trying to make us what we stand to enjoy if we stick to Him.

Funmi Adebayo
Author “WWF weeklies on Christ-A-Poet blog”

bRaIN TeAseRSss!!!

Let’s how well you do!

1. How many sides has a circle?

2. If there are two monkeys in each corner of a room, how many monkeys can say they are looking at other monkeys?

3. How far can a dog run into a forest?

4. Jenny works in a fruit and vegetable shop. When she was born she weighed 3kgs. She is now aged 18 and is 1.6 metres tall. What does she weigh?

5. A farmer has 5 haystacks in one field, 10 haystacks in a second field and 8 in the third field. He brought them all together. How many haystacks does he have?

6. There are 8 crows on a wall and a farmer shoots one. How many are left?

7. A truck driver is going down a one-way street the wrong way. A policeman looks over and waves a good morning to him. Why?

8. Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men?

9. One man has three sacks of corn on his back and another man has four sacks on his back. Who has the heavier load?

10. When your tonsils are removed it is called an Tonsilectomy. When you have your appendix removed it is called an Appendectomy. What is it called when a growth is removed from your head?

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