Help please

It doesn’t matter how little of the word you know
Please listen to me oh so closely
You don’t have to memorize the scriptures whole
To tell me about Jesus and how He saves me

You do not need to have perfected it all
For you to share with me this truth
Please tell me about Jesus, His sacrifice and His call
If He can save you, He can save me too

It doesn’t matter how you choose to present it
Be it in song so sweet, words so keen or talents harnessed till great
Please don’t wait for a stage, just find it in your heart to tell me
How Jesus saves me from these chains of guilt and shame

Please don’t be so shy you don’t notice
Just beneath the bravado, beneath the flair and excitement, listen
My heart cries out through my eyes desperately
Do help a soul in need of a Saviour: Jesus, tell me about him

I know I’ve heard it before and yes I didn’t listen
Probably I would as well pay no heed to you today
But please don’t let me go away don’t give up on me
Oh please don’t be weary to pray to preach it still, Jesus saves

I know you can’t make it to the villages I live in
I know you’d rather we had a nice chat than evangelize
I know I’m no small challenge to stand up to and fearlessly speak
But still I plead you tell me about Jesus for the sake of my life

I know I tell you I don’t need Him
I know I mock and criticize your faith
I put to question your convictions, I tell you to leave Him
But please see my ignorance and preach all the same

I am no better of the two
I’d love to go free of my crime if you’d let me be
Still I would like to be in paradise too
Please share with me this gospel that can save me

Please talk to me about Jesus
His fellowship, His suffering, His reign
Oh how I want to know Him and His love
If only you’d tell me about Him and His manifold grace

One day I will die and regret the choices I made down life’s course
On that great day I’ll wonder why I never surrendered to Him
I just hope yours will not be the shadow I recall
Blocking His light from truly reaching and saving me

Poet’s Note: I once heard an illustration: imagine you just escaped a most terrible forest which you had stumbled into; filled with all the horrors any man can think of. Then just as you gain freedom barely trying to catch your breath, you suddenly spot a beautiful family happily strolling in unawares of the dangers within. What would you do?


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