WWF – Working The Word Of God

Let me start out today by saying that the devil is not so much afraid of your prayer and fasting life as much as he does of your knowledge of God’s word. Satan is not so much respecting your anointing and gifting as he does your wisdom and insight in God’s word. God says My people perish not because of not praying well enough, but because of lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. Many people think it is their prayer and fasting that will keep them afloat on the stormy sea of life. How untrue that is! Tell me, how many prayers did Jesus say when there was storm on the sea? Not one! He only, with His knowledge of God’s word, spoke to the sea and the sea instantly was hushed to sleep. Mark 4:35-40. Jesus Christ must have been quickened so much by the word of God as found in Psalm 148:8, which says, “Fire and hail; snow and vapour; stormy wind fulfilling His word.” (Remember Jesus Christ is the Word of God Himself anyway. John 1:1-2.)

Oh, how people wear themselves out today by always waking up at night only to pray against somebody they think is their enemy. We have no such order given us in the whole of the new testament. And remember we are the new testament church, born from the side of Jesus Christ. Please, read the whole of new testament for yourself and get understanding. Life will become far better and simple, if only and if we will learn to follow Jesus Christ in everything by His Spirit in us, Whom the Father God has sent into our hearts, crying Abba Father. Father God said of the Lord Jesus, “Hear you Him (Jesus).” Matthew 17:5.

Before I go further, let me say that it matters so much how much we humble ourselves to receive the engrafted word of grace, which is able to save our souls. James 1:21. I said earlier that the devil does not respect your anointing and gifting, but your knowledge of God’s word. You can see for yourself, how many people today in churches manifest the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit and are also given to prayer and fasting, and yet they are deep in one sin or the other. See, your prayer life and commitment in church can not really bail you out of devil’s hand. Only the understanding of what Jesus has done can AND WILL ALWAYS!!! The more you grow in this knowledge the better you become everyday. Let me open your eyes to this truth, the devil came for the Lord Jesus right after forty days and forty nights of prayer and fasting. As a matter of truth, the Bible makes us understand that Jesus was sent into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. This means that the devil was tempting Him throughout. And at the last the devil came up with three bigger temptations.

See, in as much as we are still in this flesh and bearing this our mind, the only major thing that the devil will always respect about us, which will always bring him to his knees each time, is our knowledge of God’s Word. Jesus Christ did not win the battle against the devil’s temptations by capitalizing on His just concluded prayer and fasting. As a matter of fact, the devil started his final temptations on Jesus Christ using the prayer and fasting Jesus just finished. We see that Jesus only won by His knowledge of God’s Word. Remember Jesus came to show us an example to follow 1 Pt. 2:21. I think at this junction, somebody will be wondering where praying and fasting by the Spirit of God fit in?

…to be continued

God bless
Adebayo Funmi

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