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I pity for y’all Hell-Driven “god of men”. If only you can become “Men of God” in all earnestness.

The gospel is never Hell-Driven. Research your scriptures. Christ never posited out of Hell awareness. He always spoke about where he came from,giving great credence to His father,our Father.

Whatever happened to God and knowing him? Do we now use a Hell-analogy to get men a description of God and his ways?

The “wrongest” excuse of a reason for coming to Christ is “a fear of/for hell”. That’s a reception that leads to condemnation. Fellas like that don’t ever get to know God for whom he really is. They don’t get to understand the indepthness of a walk in the spirit. They’re just hella-scared of hell and don’t get drowned in God,who is love. They don’t have a straight reach to Grace,they’re just concerned with jumping in and out like dos…

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