Do not take me too seriously if all you get from this pep is just inspiration- of course talk is cheap. And thank God this is not a show, else I’ll be preaching you all to sleep. I can barely inspire myself, that’s why ‘My Salvation’ was authored by someone else with a more legible handwriting so the World can see God.

So please take a face-wipe because am about to reintroduce you to YOU.
YOU may already know ME as that guy who is too loud on stages of Campus Auditoriums, hitting pitches that sound like warnings. Well, it’s not my fault that most of our good cooking have always been desired hot; so why should God’s word be any different when served from the ‘pot’?
We hear God’s word come from lukewarm vessels that right now, we have become too cold to notice that even in our folly, we still form hot and holy; we are too stiff to yield to the still, small voice calling us into submission. We are HARDENED HEARTS!

We’re too cool to pray and too proud to pursue the vision that God has called us to. We say we’re waiting for confirmation or some kind of sign, while we watch our Family and Friends be blind to the light we hide behind. “God, this is not what I had in mind; am trying to be the light, but it’s too dark in here to shine.” And somehow it SEEMS our claims always find justification in the same innocent circumstances we’re pointing accusing fingers to.

“Me, myself and I- we are doing just fine within the confines of the church property lines.” We sing more ‘You are important to me…’ than we actually need people to survive out on the Campus streets amplifying the Gospel.

Seven days without Jesus makes one weak; sounds like our latest way of playing Hide and Seek- seeking Jesus every Sunday, but hiding the rest of the week. We’re now numb to feeling sympathy. Passion has been ostracised, as though doing something about injustice is now a responsibility exclusively set aside for The Angels.

Gold diggers– too busy digging for only the things God has in stock for us; proudly ignorant of what vision He has placed right before us. Good Actors– playing out a fake script that spearheads our sublime performance to winning the Grammy Awards for Hypocrisy. We’re now masters of disguise, hiding from the Master of the skies; we think our theories are divine, so we disconnected from The Vine…

It’s cool telling everyone else to accept our Christ, but never allowing Him to change our lives. You are not a Christian by tradition, at least not because you celebrate
Christmas- all of its material presence will always blind you to God’s presence.
We regurgitate and puke God’s word, expecting others to eat and digest it; then we turn to gulp all of the junk present in the ‘omnipresent’ media, so like FAST food, they SLOW down our ‘metabolism’.

We are the victims! I’m sick and tired of saying ‘I don’t hear from God’, when actually I’ve never cared to listen. My soul needs a rest in me, but the guilt is Cardiac-arresting me. I think I hear the same still small voice calling a sleeper to rise. God is the only Boss who will send you to the bank, drive you to the bank, go into the banking hall with you, help you make the transactions right…and just when you ask ‘So why the errand?’, you’ll find out Obedience is the Ultimate- Search for it!

Therefore today I refuse…I refuse to drown in the same water He walked on. If you have blocked God’s call on your life, today he serves you a rebound. Stop buying into the World’s glamour, pictures and slogans- they’ll leave you bankrupt at the cost of your emotions. So it’s fine if you are a cold, careless heart in here today; because like glowsticks, they must first be broken.

Dear HARDENED HEART, Get Broken!

+234 703 454 7291

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