The Joy of One Child

2nd Daniel

It was Pain that brought me home. I  have to warn you though, it was not entirely mine. Let me explain, maybe you can join me. Maybe you can join us.

There was a choir aloft above the stars, alight with invisible colours painted with eternal splendor. Their song filled an entire realm with dense excellence as reminded their master of his masterful mastery.

One day he said, ‘Your numbers are great. I will make one who is comparable to me in excellence and projection. And like me, he will create praise for me and rule my expanded domain.’

But a proud Angel said, ‘Why should a younger and corruptible species inherit such vastness? Since this is the nature of you, Master, I will have the choir sing their songs of power at me. Even these your masterpieces will testify of my worth and grace.’

So the choir watched as…

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