A War of Words

2nd Daniel

My life is a story but telling it after I’m dead doesn’t mean I will or am reincarnated; and like all great stories I start at once, up on a timepiece I start at once, up on a time please I’m just playing with words.

I like words. They are full of power so what you say, they’re powerful. Its elementary. School doesn’t teach us and our late pastors are too busy being alive to die daily and so their words are blunt and their monologues don’t log on to hardened hearts anymore yet, by words we are saved or not. Its elementary.

But we all are guilty of this… Verbal debauchery. In the music we so shamelessly enjoy today, in our movies where we are lost in a world where nothing but the thrill matters; we speak as we wish and quote as we like, memorizing pretences while pretending…

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4 thoughts on “A War of Words

  1. Ikenna says:

    Good piece, this one! And relevant too. The problem with the personality trait of (fallen) man is the differentiation of words and motives, or even words and actions. There should be a “positive unity” of all of these. Otherwise, we could be rightly labeled as deceitful or hypocritical. Such descriptions are certainly not good commentary for professed believers in the one who is truth personified (Jesus Christ).

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