It was the first day of the month of April.
The day we decide how sober and how drunk we want to be for the rest of the month. What significant changes we wish to achieve. I woke up miserable and not thinking properly so I’m fooled by my younger brother twice! I was weak owing to my three-day medication of anti-malaria and it was the third day. Time passed as chores were completed and the TV was on. Until afternoon, there was no more power supply any more than there was in my body. I had just had lunch while chatting with my friend Uchechi and I never mentioned my condition to him. More importantly, my bones were broken but I was forming Ada* and went to prepare evening bath water for the family.

Power was back, though not yet in my body, so I went ahead to boil some water with the heater. My bones were broken, but I was forming. Unable to remain standing, I found my way to the bedroom and dropped on the bed. I hugged the teddy bears and the bed so much I fell asleep. My younger sister and brother were with me there watching the TV but I was too weak to notice the electronic. Next thing, my mum came in to take my sis with her. They and my dad were going out. So I was left with my brother, and I didn’t even tell anyone about the heater!

Soon, I was sweating and when I noticed power was out again, I cursed under my breath. This time, I didn’t even remember the heater. Towards evening, the rest of my family returned to dark house. I was reminded of the bath water and simultaneously that reminded of the heater. The darkness reminded me.

Finally, it turned out that the heater dried the water and was set to burn the bucket but nothing happened.

*So when mama says never leave the heater unattended, I should take her seriously šŸ™‚ So much for the fourth commandment.

I want to thank God for saving us losses. I wouldn’t like to dismiss those interruptions (in power supply) as mere coincidences. For if they were, most buildings that experienced fire outbreaks could have got as lucky! I’d like to call this a guarantee of the Lord’s protection for my family, and a reminder of how he has loved us and is not quitting yet.

Yes! The darkness reminded me!

-Adaobi Chiemelu


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