The room was spinning with beads of sweat running down my forehead. I was laid down on the bed apparently so ill. No one was home just me. I had to put a good pretense so moma and siblings could go to their respective working place and school.
Lost for what seemed like ages; pains kept ripping through me.Then it happened ; my head began to spin;my temperature rose so high and I felt myself slipping into the cold hands of death yet I thought it would be better I just died and leave this crazy world. My soul felt suddenly at rest lying down on the bed of the one I love best “Moma” made dying more appealing because I thought it romantic!
Then it popped somewhere in my head, Mathew 5 v 14: “you are the light of the world; a city set on the hill which cannot be hidden”
It struck me! I am light! Why had I chosen to leave the world without fulfilling purpose?
I knew I had been wrong with the silly thought I had earlier. Then I made a simple but heartfelt prayer and like a dream every symptoms seized. I felt strong and absolutely perfect. You see, destiny is not an accident but a calculated incident. We always have choices to make as humans! God doesn’t give up on us except we give up on ourselves!
– Cindy Dike

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