The World was Once created and it’s People Predestinated before the Hands of Time,

The Evil getting worse and the corrupt becoming more corrupt,

While the Good constantly battle to get juice out of Life.

Precept upon precept, Line upon line,

Phases upon phases, Minute by minute, one second after another,

The hour glass gradually gets empty as the fading procedure slowly continues,

Not just here but far and beyond.

But it’s so funny, how everything looks like the end,

That one sinner looking for the next bend and just can’t find it.

The Manifestation so amazing,

And the evil of the world now attractive to all men,

The wicked doing more wickedly as the persecution of the saints increases day by day,

Innocent bloodshed capable of destroying the soul

With the vein of corruption spreading like wild fire.

So no time for play,

Because the porter is coming not just for his clay,

But a content of holiness, who with him would stay,

Many will be burnt like hay,

While others will gently fade away,

Some would be caught up in the air,

While a lot will just mop unaware,

Then the reality of a new world will be crystal clear,

And where you abide will be determined by whom you truly feared.

It’s not about the post or big titles,

But your heart, ways and sincerity,

It’s not by the amen and hallelujah,

Nor by the shouts and crazy noises,

But a clear spirit full of Jesus.

Now God needs you to stand by your choice,

Because His blood has been shed,

His Life has been given,

His Son has been slain,

Friends, Don’t be Deceived, The Time to give Account is Here.

Written By

Omoloba Daniel Moyinoluwa (Beulah Speaks Inc.)

Phone Number: 2347060790959 Email Address:

BB Pin: 2B9881B3 Twitter Handle: @BeulahSpeaks

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