After a slap,
a blow, a kick,
a tear,Or a cut…
An injury is created. ..
And when apology is withdrawn,
The injury deepens.. ..
When justice is denied,
The injury gets ugly!
But when you choose the right medication,
You will be just fine..
Injuries don’t heal in a day, that I know.
All you need is the right therapy!
Just cleanse the wound with mercy..
Bandage it with forgiveness..
And take Jesus’ Healing Tonic everyday..
Don’t miss a dose..
But you can have an overdose..its good!
Where can I get d TONIC? U may ask..
Open your bible, its there.
Talk to your pastor about it, its there.
Listen to the still small voice within you, its there.
You can also tell God directly on your knees..
Let it go..! Unburden your heart!
Give yourself some rest!
Concentrate well at work!
And sleep well at night!
Cos God will surely fight for you,
IF only you will be still!
Ebisike Amarachi

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