There is a numbness in my head
A searing pain that threatens to strip me of my sanity
And blur my senses of whatever hold on life they have left
So much that my hands cannot thump my chest
Cannot allow me to say it is alright and that I have help within
Groaning out to remind me of who I am and why there’s life in me, but I scream

The numb becomes a pain that only allows me see the trauma
And bitterness and anger I carried for so long
That I could not forgive myself because of
And has now taken control of who I am
The numb has spread to my fingers
I cannot touch my face, to feel the life that lives in me
Cannot feel the warmth on my skin
The blood that flows through my veins

I stagger backwards and I feel a panic rising in my chest
Up to my windpipe threatening to come out through my mouth and when it does
I gasp for air, for a breath
I steady myself by a wall and with wide eyes I take deep breaths
Swallowing as much as I can force down then the tears come
Willingly, patiently, next they become sobs, loud
Choking sobs and in that moment I feel the life seep out of me
Slowly, without a fight and my legs, weak, throb
Throb so bad I can no longer stand so I slide down while hugging myself

It is not going to be alright
It won’t be alright until I see the help right within me
Silently saying ‘it’s okay’ all the while I was fighting with myself
Telling me to stop and allow him fight because my defenses are down
With the numbness and pain
But I could not see it because I took my eyes off him and focused on me
My pain, my panic, my hurt and so it’s not going to be alright
Until I stop fighting alone

© 2019


Ruffian prisoner

I am a man,a loner
A ruffian prisoner
Plagued with joy and sadness
A bird full of feathers and fear

My journey is never left alone
Nor my stay allowed to be
From the east to the west
And from north to south

I am occupied in loneliness
Confused, trapped in emptiness
I am the eagle soaring so high
But sadly caged in the web of the sky

I am a ruffian prisoner
Engrossed deeply in anger
In prayer and in loneliness
I am a man in captivity
Wandering prodigally in freedom
Liberate me,Oh Lord!,liberate me…

Chigekwu David
© 2019


I spoke to Runs girl once,
She said her anger is her source
As she was forced to this life
By her Uncle who came like a thief in the Night and her virginity was the casualty
So the penalty is death for all those who now commit the crime of sleeping with her
She blames they, them
For the mayhem she cause their Marriages
‘I wouldn’t pay for damages when my case has been adjourn’
Everyone I told turn a blind eye to my hurt
Now my heart burns with hate
If you stare at me, your fate might be a night to that hell I have been put through
I and my crew will screw all of you till you forget your wives and call us Boo
She like many others are Nigerian avengers
Fighting the ghost of their abusers
And I too felt her pain
A slave to a past that had been stained,
But can be snow if she chooses to let his light glow
Even if life has given her a low blow as she wrestles with her past demons
She can tag him in
He will guarantee her the win
Then the will to talk of his saving grace with pride
Everywhere she goes, she sows seed of hope to girls like her who are still slaves to rippers of souls
Tell them the past matters but the future is what they want to see and behold

Victor Isoje
(c) 2018

Dear stranger

Dear stranger,
Do not hold down your doubt, your anger,

Life is no ordinary poem,
With lines, stanzas and rhymes,
Life is no ordinary Odyssey,
With storms, fear and courage,

‘No’ your breath is more,
Breath of life is more than,
a poor poem, a poor journey,
And so I say,
Let the apparition show,
Let the street overflow,
With the words of psalms,
May the words of proverbs,
And Matthew fly across your mind,

But please dear stranger,
Do not restrict your doubt, your anger,
Let them challenge the Psalm,
And proverbs and all,

And when your inner man is ready,
And your reasonable war over,
Throw away all the broken armors,
Of doubt and anger and sit still,
For awhile by the river,

For I am the crown, the king,
The light, the peace,
The truth, life eternal,
In me every road,
Leads the way home,

Dear stranger,
Do not resist your doubt, your anger,
But come, follow me.

Ugwu David C
© 2018


The processed information from our hearts that gets to our mouth can either be bad or good, negative or positive, destructive or constructive. I have said that whatever form they take, you need to let them out.

Someone asked: Are we supposed to utter negative things out of our mouth?

I will try to answer this question here. My answer may not be absolute, but I think it will help you.

The last episode was a bit open ended and I will take it further in this episode. If you did not read my last post, please visit my blog site to read it so you can understand the foundation that was laid for this post.

It is instructive to know that the way you let out the processed information from your heart through your mouth differs and is dependent on the nature of the processed information. The way you let out the bad differs from the way you let out the good. It is also important to note that they are all let out as WORDS. So they can be negative words, or positive words.

How do you let out negative words?

I will want to liken negative words to phlegm. Phlegm is produced when you have a bad body condition such as cold. When phlegm comes to your mouth, how do you let it out? You SPIT IT OUT! That is exactly what you do to negative words. You do not pour it on any other person neither do you pour it on yourself. When you spit it out, you cover it with positive words.

Have you ever been so angry at someone that all you feel like doing is rain curses and abuses? You have the option to spit the curses and abuses on the person or you could let the person know that you are not happy with what they did without raining curses and abuses on the person.

If you must get to the zenith of your life, you must learn how not to pour negative words on yourself or on others. And please, swallowing the negative words will not help you. They will always find their way back to your mouth and you will never know peace until you let them out.

Do not forget, the way to let out negative words is to spit them out. Do not spit it out on yourself or others, and remember to cover it with positive words.


(Transforming the World through the Word)


After a slap,
a blow, a kick,
a tear,Or a cut…
An injury is created. ..
And when apology is withdrawn,
The injury deepens.. ..
When justice is denied,
The injury gets ugly!
But when you choose the right medication,
You will be just fine..
Injuries don’t heal in a day, that I know.
All you need is the right therapy!
Just cleanse the wound with mercy..
Bandage it with forgiveness..
And take Jesus’ Healing Tonic everyday..
Don’t miss a dose..
But you can have an overdose..its good!
Where can I get d TONIC? U may ask..
Open your bible, its there.
Talk to your pastor about it, its there.
Listen to the still small voice within you, its there.
You can also tell God directly on your knees..
Let it go..! Unburden your heart!
Give yourself some rest!
Concentrate well at work!
And sleep well at night!
Cos God will surely fight for you,
IF only you will be still!
Ebisike Amarachi