Numerous thoughts all to what intent

Looking for that which can truly satisfy my hearts’ content

Seeing there is so much left undone

All seems so enormous, how do I start this one?

Amongst all these I got into a business

Good grades, nice songs, great job, all success

This is the life I’ve always wanted

Being the envy of many, so contented

Now I have so many friends around me

Being so perfect some idolize me

I think I need to pull down my barn for something bigger

Cos after all the drinks and ladies I still got richer

Didn’t live to see the next day

Because that night my soul was requested of me

Walking in that thick darkness I could not see the way

All riches clouded my vision, I couldn’t see

Then I got a glimpse of what I have been

It wasn’t much, more like an empty drum

Because now so much glory I’ve seen

Intensity so high, nothing like my rum

The voice with thunder spoke out His heart

He told me how I have been working so hard with payments

Now I see clearly where I have missed it

Really, there was nothing I did in all my hard works

I know now it is useless, the whole world was just like running a race backwards

On the 6th block of Romans, the 23rd building

The address that revealed to me all my foolies

God gave man all he needed to survive

The devil suggested to man what to do to survive

Man fell prey to the devils’ suggestions

God brought redemption through Jesus Christ

Devil came with deceptions through earthly pleasures

Man fell prey again to earthly pleasures

Devil influenced the environment with demonic spirits

God sent us the sweet Holy Spirit

Man opens up to demons and shun being holy

All God gave we didn’t deserve, He gave us still

All devil provides kills, we made purchases still

God releases freely to all flesh

The enemy dangles a little of our inheritance in eternity

God Is not our problem He is the solution

Freely God gave us gifts,.. yet we work so hard for the wages of sin,. The devil paid up..  DEATH.

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