The Most beautiful Girl- Part 2

Years pass and she remains a sister to me
A perfect relationship divorce can’t sever
There is no ‘more‘ to want
Her love is complete and I am satisfied
Until the 99th night she passed at my house
She wakes at midnight to find my fingers on her breast
With a push from her I land on the floor
On getting up I see the hurt and unbelief in her eyes as tears roll down her cheeks
There is no explanation to her or myself of my actions
No words are exchanged
The wait for dawn is like waiting for Jesus’ second coming
I curl on the floor while she clutches herself tightly on the bed with occasional sniffs
I die a thousand death in a thousand ways, all by suicide
She leaves as morning comes
Apologies are meant for explainable crimes, not inconceivable ones
This crime should not be apologized for nor forgiven
A lot of water pass under the bridge and today I cry;
I cry because she visits last week and wraps me in a hug
We go for walks and she leans on me like old times
Like I didn’t abuse her
She has a golden heart but the most I expect are patches;
A hand sewn cloth thread with caution
She disappoints me with total abandonment and oblivion of the past
I cry for I don’t deserve her yet I have her
Her name is Grace

© 2019

Let these lines stand proof i said it: the reply

On this day I found my thirst
I am life for no love I thirst
Am disgraced by just this grace
Let these lines stand as proof… I said it

Thirst or not, write or wrung
Life and love, none or more
Grace or Craze, choose a race
Let these lines stand proof I said it…in your face!

Davnique like Blyton, having a need
To be a little spectacular, not today indeed
Blowing my mind like a volcano freed
Let these lines stand proof I said it

Oh, una sun start
They say is four lines me I need like eight stat!
But you should landscape your screen before you count it
Let these lines stand proof that I said it

Script beauty let my Baby act it
Forge next year let me yesterday it
And I began already when I thought about it
Let these lines stand proof I said it

Stand proof I said it
Arm me with the truth Bros
So I can Arya Stark deathly hallows
Many seek hilled woods till my pens speak
Let these lines stand proof… I said it!

His tree will be mighty
If to my Yahweh him go bend knee
For to live is Christ and Paul thought this
“Let these lines stand proof I said it.”

Kinda who I’d rather read than give answer
But lemme say I miss you Big Papa
Let these lines stand proof, I said it; instanta

The Niel
© 2019

Let these lines stand proof i said it

I will script beauty on tomorrow’s face
I will forge next year into my productivity phase
But just in case I forget to remember to begin
Let these lines stand proof I said it

Time and tide twiddle thumbs
Idly laying languid lessons
We grow and lose our best selves, on our journey to finding us.
Let these lines stand proof I said it

Bet. Everything will make it known. Even
Birds. Twi-twi-twitting, heralding the coming
Birth. Pangs only last the night, no more room to
Let. These lines stand proof I said it

For so long I died to dine with him
For a taste of life and love I sat with him
I rose from that table thorn free
Let these lines stand proof I said it

Such will be history’s song
The stories we paint with every heartbeat
To live to love to give to all
Let these lines stand proof I said it

An army that wins with no casualties
Floating on faith through a storm of uncertainties
Many sick healed would be our reality
Let these lines stand proof I said it

A month is surely time enough
With all five fingers put to work
May it be the one that fulfils it
Let these lines stand proof I said it

Ezeonyeka Godswill
UC Truth
St. Davique


Running through the years
I stopped to catch my breath
It sweetly seemed so long a race
That I couldn’t see the end of the years
The starting point was simply a memory
Because it had become a physical illusion
Practically, every past distance was erased
And it represented a forgotten place.
The beginning was gone, yet the future remained unseen
I could only but reflect on the past and focus on the future
Because the sudden days were running by…

In all, I craved for a better tomorrow
I noticed that in the panting under the elements of ‘hustle and bustle’
Being beaten by the strokes of discord
And constantly chased by the winds of temptations
All seemingly a part of the unending race.
However,in the heat of the race,I still looked fresh
Slowly and steadily running to my desired prize
When the nights came, I endured the darkness
Praying my way through the evil forces
Patiently waiting for the joy that cometh in the morning…

Honestly, I realised that I am not where I want to be
But at the same time,I’m not where I used to be
For the goodness of my own couldn’t lead me this far
But its only the grace of God that continuously strengthens me
Keeping me in His love that lasts forever..

Life itself is that race that we run either consciously or unconsciously…!
As for me,I will give honour to God for His help through the years
‘Cos when I recall my darkest nights and remember my deepest fears
I know I have a great story to tell…

Ebisike Kenneth


Its another season in the history of mankind when the thing that really matter have been relegated to the abyss of oblivion.When men that once stood for the truth have shriveled into constructed compromise.When the world is in the most need of truth and spiritual transformation.When integrity of the HUMAN PERSON has been murdered on the soil of liberalism.The ashes of past revivals have been mockingly cleared by the youths of our time with such disgracing complacency that they care not for fresh woods and BLAZING fire of the Holy Spirit. I write not to unbelievers who have seen no light yet but still grope in the void of sinfulness, for how pertinent is the case of the patient whose doctor is sick.I write rather to the thousands of  cold hearted Christians who read this now. Continue reading