Title Number 2

Your plans are altogether awesome

Your ways are wise and better than mine

The earth is His footstool and people are His body

but we wait calmly when surrounded by the enemy

For we are as gold refined in the fire seven times

I will forgive my brother seven times seventy times     Shalom

And bless my enemy more

God is my rock and it is through Him

That I have my deliverence

By: Gleaning The  Scriptures

Desired Destiny

Face exuding beams of beauty, with hands stuffed in the pockets of his trousers, he was contemplating on standing akimbo to show the world that finally he’s got his feet on it. He could not believe that finally he would be commanding this great wave he had always dreamt of that earned him the head of department of Dreams department. Distance was no more a barrier to his voice, he can’t help but call himself the noise that all beings enjoy. No more are the days when people would complain that he forced his big advice on people who are in no way in need of it. They now clamour, wait before it was office time at his gate with their consultation fees securely placed in their clasped fists, wishing they could pay more to gain his attention. His advice has remained irrefutable with no place for weakness, it has remained a symbol of compassion that unlike monalisa has refused to change no matter from where you view it.
   His heart was content in giving men life. That’s all he ever wanted. To place a portion of himself in them and make free from the powers that has for long taken their voices and perpetually kept them as bond men.
His benevolence they insulted, claiming that he was only powerful in words but as strong as a 2 week old baby in works, an insult that is capable of making him to turn to their enemy yet he gave himself more to their services. Wisdom he lacked not, so, he demanded that the consultation fee be changed, it was no more what riches could afford, it was their lives, he was willing to make it a direct business, eliminating all the people in Secretary services department. It means, ‘no more middle men’. The business should represent you are him without alteration. It became like buying goods straight from the manufacturer. All he demands is quality service from the heart that is capable of transforming your life into a receipt to prove that you really met him. Yes, the way your life starts rolling will serve as the product receipt. His life remained the product!
That was the desired destiny… he is Christ

Is Christianity a Religion? (if NOT, what’s the difference?)

The Dictionary cannot solve this argument.

I say that because English Language was not the origin of the word religion. It was borrowed.

That said, religion came from latin word: religio which originally means RITUAL, not ritual like blood sacrifices though (because that word was also borrowed from latin). Ritual, originally means something you do at certain intervals following certain rules and patterns. It’s usually boring. For instance, you might hear someone saying that taking a walk is their evening ritual. It means that they do it everyday, following the same pattern

Another word for it is ROUTINE

So religion (latin: religio) means something done following certain patterns and traditions that must be done the same way every time.
Adapted to English Language, it is man following certain patterns in his attempt to find, connect and communicate with beings superior to him.

So you can say certain sects of “Christianity” are religious. Like the Catholic Church. Everything has to be repeated the same way, every time (If you are a Catholic here, no offense!). You do know I am saying the truth though ‘cos I used to be one.

Religion is man’s desperate search for God.

Christianity on the other hand, is God’s search for man.

Nothing in Christianity is routine.

You could go from simple to crazy. Nobody’s saying you have to get on your knees to communicate with God. It can be done any how! That’s Christianity. The only thing common to the ‘religion’ of Christianity (yes I used brackets because it’s not a religion) is that you must believe, accept, and appropriate the salvation God bought with His own blood, and invite Him into your life, while doing a complete turn-around from satan, sin and the world

Or you could look at it like this:
Religion is the law. Christianity is Grace

Religion gives you DOs and DON’Ts

Christianity makes you want to be like the God of Heaven. So even without the law, the Christian will never sin
He cannot

Because he has lost the nature of sin

It is like a dog and a man. The dog cannot say anything without barking. It’s not the barking that makes it a dog, but because it’s a dog, barking is its nature. If it opens its mouth, it barks. Whether it wants to or not. The same way, it is not the act of sin that makes the sinner. It is the fact that he’s a sinner that makes it impossible for him not to sin. But if that dog is changed to a man, it has lost the nature of barking. But it can still bark, but it doesn’t mean he’s a dog. The Christian can make a mistake and sin. Doesn’t make him a sinner. He simply let himself act like dog. He can go take a bath (to you, that’s the blood of Jesus) and remain a clean man, but a sinner, no matter how religious, cannot not-Sin.

‘Nonso John
Author “THRONES”
Christ A Poet Author

Christianity is accepting Christ and confessing Him with your mouth. Then in faith allowing Him to finish what He has started at your salvation. Religion as regards Christianity, is accepting Christ *or not accepting Him for some*, but trying to finish what He has started in any way.

Uche Njoku
Christ A Poet Author

Christianity: It is a control of a Life by the Holy Spirit.
Religion: More of human effort and not God doing it.

Pastor Segun Abe
Fragrance of Life Ministries.

The difference is that Jesus didn’t come to introduce any religion. Jesus came to show Himself as the Saviour and the same with God the Creator. That’s why He said I Am THE, and not a, Way…
I AM THE ONLY ONE! (Remember John 4).

Jesus told that woman, the time comes, and now is it, that you will neither worship in the same, nor in Jerusalem, but worship God in the Spirit. So, He didn’t come to set up a religion and state that one is the best. He just came to connect humans to their true God, in the right way and the only way.

So, He is not a religious leader. Neither did He establish a religion. He is God, and every one following Him is not into religion.

Religion is a way of getting to know a supreme being and please such. Following Jesus, we are not trying to please God. God is saying to us in Christ Jesus, I am pleased with you already. Everything we are doing for God in Christ Jesus is born out of His love for us rather than we trying to get His attention.

Religion tries to get a supreme being’s attention whereas following Jesus is more of God getting our attention and trying to make us what we stand to enjoy if we stick to Him.

Funmi Adebayo
Author “WWF weeklies on Christ-A-Poet blog”


Life can be ice cold when you lose someone you love ……………………

I was frozen in the dark

staring at everything and yet, seeing nothing,

floods of tears running down my cheeks,

Tons of weight suppressing  my fragile heart,

I was frozen in the dark

unable to move my dead soul ……………

Shot out of the beauty of living into nothingness,

Vagueness of life seemed to make some sense.

I was frozen in the dark..

I didn’t feel alive,

I wasn’t alive!

I was lost ….

Far in space …

Blank in mind …

Empty in soul …

Broken in spirit …

I was frozen in the dark … Continue reading


You don’t know about it,
It’s inside
It’s personal
It’s behind my smile…
It’s deep
It’s piercing
It’s behind my smile…
It’s unnoticeable
It’s shocking
It’s behind my smile…
It’s a story
It’s a confession
It’s just behind my smile…
Can I take you there?
Can I tell you the whole truth?
Will you be an arm of god’s mercy and comfort?
It’s just behind my smile…
Will you judge me?
Will you sell my woes to the world?
How much will you earn from it?
Will you regard me afterwards?
We aren’t far from it…
It’s just behind my smile…
A problem shared, they say, is half solved.
What about a confession?
What about a deep stinking secret?
Is it safe with you?
Won’t you expose it as a disguised prayer point during prayer meetings, or;
Teach it as a disguised message during bible study?
Please, my soul is languishing!
I have prayed; I have fasted.
What I need is your understanding and support
Won’t you be glad to save a soul?
It’s just behind my smile…
All it will cost you is your solid sincerity and love
Your deep compassion and understanding,
Your humility and consideration,
Your nonjudgmental support!!!
The weight is still behind my smile…
I won’t let it down until I know that it is
Safe enough to share it with you.

Ebisike Amarachi