Desired Destiny

Face exuding beams of beauty, with hands stuffed in the pockets of his trousers, he was contemplating on standing akimbo to show the world that finally he’s got his feet on it. He could not believe that finally he would be commanding this great wave he had always dreamt of that earned him the head of department of Dreams department. Distance was no more a barrier to his voice, he can’t help but call himself the noise that all beings enjoy. No more are the days when people would complain that he forced his big advice on people who are in no way in need of it. They now clamour, wait before it was office time at his gate with their consultation fees securely placed in their clasped fists, wishing they could pay more to gain his attention. His advice has remained irrefutable with no place for weakness, it has remained a symbol of compassion that unlike monalisa has refused to change no matter from where you view it.
   His heart was content in giving men life. That’s all he ever wanted. To place a portion of himself in them and make free from the powers that has for long taken their voices and perpetually kept them as bond men.
His benevolence they insulted, claiming that he was only powerful in words but as strong as a 2 week old baby in works, an insult that is capable of making him to turn to their enemy yet he gave himself more to their services. Wisdom he lacked not, so, he demanded that the consultation fee be changed, it was no more what riches could afford, it was their lives, he was willing to make it a direct business, eliminating all the people in Secretary services department. It means, ‘no more middle men’. The business should represent you are him without alteration. It became like buying goods straight from the manufacturer. All he demands is quality service from the heart that is capable of transforming your life into a receipt to prove that you really met him. Yes, the way your life starts rolling will serve as the product receipt. His life remained the product!
That was the desired destiny… he is Christ


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