Life can be ice cold when you lose someone you love ……………………

I was frozen in the dark

staring at everything and yet, seeing nothing,

floods of tears running down my cheeks,

Tons of weight suppressing  my fragile heart,

I was frozen in the dark

unable to move my dead soul ……………

Shot out of the beauty of living into nothingness,

Vagueness of life seemed to make some sense.

I was frozen in the dark..

I didn’t feel alive,

I wasn’t alive!

I was lost ….

Far in space …

Blank in mind …

Empty in soul …

Broken in spirit …

I was frozen in the dark …

Frozen by a deadness in my insides …

An unbearable heaviness in my soul,

A cut in my poor heart,

A choking pill in my throat,

A painful memory in my head,

Like a deep tear in my flesh ….

My tears poured, making a pool for me …

I was frozen in the dark …

The darkness of pain and anguish, of doubt and sorrow …

Were covering my existence …

The flame of comfort was near …

But, like ice sheets, I remained frozen.

Needing the comforter to rescue me.

“How long will you torture yourself?” He asked

“There is so much for you to live for.”

“There is so much life wrapped within you.”

“Your loved one is save with me..”

“And, in a short while, the dead shall rise!”

He continued, He went on and on …

Soothing the pain,

Refreshing my hopes;

Releasing myself into His arms, I got a big cuddle ….

full of comfort, strength and peace.

It was all I needed, it was all I got.

Even if I miss my loved one every now and then,

I won’t fret nor weep anymore …

For He said; “You shall see your loved one again.”

That is my comfort!

Truly, the Lord is close to the brokenhearted.

Ebisike Amarachi A.


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