What is Sleep?

Hi Guys! A quick January this was ehh? Hope yours was as eventful as mine?

So a few days ago (27th of January), we had our last freestyle Friday on the group. My name is Miracle, and it will be my honour to walk you through it.

The theme of our Freestyle Friday session was What is Sleep? And this session was led by our man at the helm, the talented Niel Quchi

At 11:25am, Niel started with;

Five minutes to nod nod
Evil Spirit dun dey knock knock
Na when Pastor dey talk talk
The lull of mortals, our tough luck
Some will call it fatigue though
It’s out-of-body like invitro

So not-you, you have to fight through
Sleep is better when its controlled

Then Hannah Ijike came in at 11:36 with this beautiful piece;

Slip into another land
Where you cannot control what happens
Where you can see the future or what could have happened
Where you talk with beings that look like family

Slip into another meta verse
Where you interpret their language
Where you could be king and not reign
Where horses float in the skies

Slip into another planet where the sound of silence can be heard
Where voices whisper but can be discerned
Where energy is restored without any effort

He gives his beloved sleep
To see plans of kings
To annul what was supposed to be
To know what rest is

Niel came back with this at 11:51am

But the setting plays a big part
Were you ready like a made bed
Sleep is like a drink
Next thing you know you’re burping
Burp in time, future pasts
Neverlands and herculean tasks
Locked in skits like spiritual TikTok
Everything awake is asleep to something else

I’m sure this is already a feast, and it’s not even been an hour we got started!

Anyway, Tolu chimed in at 12:04pm with this wonderful piece;

In slumber’s realm, a peaceful
Where worries fade and dreams
take space
The night unfolds, the stars
A symphony of silence, pure and

The body rests, the mind at
A gentle breeze, a rustling tree
The world outside, a distant
As sleep descends, a
comforting drum

The hours pass, the moonlight
A lullaby to soothe the mind
A journey to a world unknown
Where all is well, and all is

In dreams we fly, in dreams we
roam Through fields of green, to
oceans foam
In sleep we find, a needed peace
A respite from reality’s release

So close your eyes, and let go
To the land of slumber, a gentle flow
Where all is calm, and all is right
And may your dreams, be filled
with light.

Niel seemed to be on a roll, because he came back with these rejoinders for Hannah’s piece at 12:04pm and 12:10pm respectively;


A philosopher said, dreams mirror life
I think we’ve all seen things crazed enough to cross the line
That line between real and the lies is faint
Sometimes Appearances dey feint
I call it sleep when mortals chose to walk without him
The jungle shows that superiority is quite inevitable
Why should I argue with Abba?
Slash with my prayers, slip through the dangers


I am his beloved
I sleep and see the plans of Kings
The shadow things,
And the future was in a past question paper
Son of God when I roam the planes
And sometimes it is forgotten

There was a lull, and you’d think we were done, but Darby came in by 09:40pm with this wake-up call;

Awake!  Awake!!
what is playing you to slip
is equally playing you sleep
Awake to that voice speaking to you.
Just before you get drunk and drawn away.
pray, slay, stay Strong
For in the His hands you abide

Now even when the clock strikes twelve, and a new day has taken to the shelves, we’re still not packed away waiting for the next Friday. Because the beautiful thing about sleep is that it puts to bed the night worries, and wakes us with the promise of better. So what is better than waking up to a beautiful spillover poem by Eremipaghmo Pearl;

Close your eyes
Think of me
Let’s create
Find answers
Explore paradise
Behind closed lids
Shut it out
The maze
It distracts
It’ll clears, the haze
You’ll see
Then you’ll see
You create
You find
You explore
Think of me
As you close your eyes
What is good
Is created
First within
Behind your close lid
It’s a good sleep

Phew! It’s been an honour serving you for this time, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Till next time we bring you Freestyle Friday Recaps, Bless up!


Niel Quchi
Hannah Ijike
Tolu (The Alchemist)
Eremipaghmo Pearl

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