What is Sleep?

Hi Guys! A quick January this was ehh? Hope yours was as eventful as mine?

So a few days ago (27th of January), we had our last freestyle Friday on the group. My name is Miracle, and it will be my honour to walk you through it.

The theme of our Freestyle Friday session was What is Sleep? And this session was led by our man at the helm, the talented Niel Quchi

At 11:25am, Niel started with;

Five minutes to nod nod
Evil Spirit dun dey knock knock
Na when Pastor dey talk talk
The lull of mortals, our tough luck
Some will call it fatigue though
It’s out-of-body like invitro

So not-you, you have to fight through
Sleep is better when its controlled

Then Hannah Ijike came in at 11:36 with this beautiful piece;

Slip into another land
Where you cannot control what happens
Where you can see the future or what could have happened
Where you talk with beings that look like family

Slip into another meta verse
Where you interpret their language
Where you could be king and not reign
Where horses float in the skies

Slip into another planet where the sound of silence can be heard
Where voices whisper but can be discerned
Where energy is restored without any effort

He gives his beloved sleep
To see plans of kings
To annul what was supposed to be
To know what rest is

Niel came back with this at 11:51am

But the setting plays a big part
Were you ready like a made bed
Sleep is like a drink
Next thing you know you’re burping
Burp in time, future pasts
Neverlands and herculean tasks
Locked in skits like spiritual TikTok
Everything awake is asleep to something else

I’m sure this is already a feast, and it’s not even been an hour we got started!

Anyway, Tolu chimed in at 12:04pm with this wonderful piece;

In slumber’s realm, a peaceful
Where worries fade and dreams
take space
The night unfolds, the stars
A symphony of silence, pure and

The body rests, the mind at
A gentle breeze, a rustling tree
The world outside, a distant
As sleep descends, a
comforting drum

The hours pass, the moonlight
A lullaby to soothe the mind
A journey to a world unknown
Where all is well, and all is

In dreams we fly, in dreams we
roam Through fields of green, to
oceans foam
In sleep we find, a needed peace
A respite from reality’s release

So close your eyes, and let go
To the land of slumber, a gentle flow
Where all is calm, and all is right
And may your dreams, be filled
with light.

Niel seemed to be on a roll, because he came back with these rejoinders for Hannah’s piece at 12:04pm and 12:10pm respectively;


A philosopher said, dreams mirror life
I think we’ve all seen things crazed enough to cross the line
That line between real and the lies is faint
Sometimes Appearances dey feint
I call it sleep when mortals chose to walk without him
The jungle shows that superiority is quite inevitable
Why should I argue with Abba?
Slash with my prayers, slip through the dangers


I am his beloved
I sleep and see the plans of Kings
The shadow things,
And the future was in a past question paper
Son of God when I roam the planes
And sometimes it is forgotten

There was a lull, and you’d think we were done, but Darby came in by 09:40pm with this wake-up call;

Awake!  Awake!!
what is playing you to slip
is equally playing you sleep
Awake to that voice speaking to you.
Just before you get drunk and drawn away.
pray, slay, stay Strong
For in the His hands you abide

Now even when the clock strikes twelve, and a new day has taken to the shelves, we’re still not packed away waiting for the next Friday. Because the beautiful thing about sleep is that it puts to bed the night worries, and wakes us with the promise of better. So what is better than waking up to a beautiful spillover poem by Eremipaghmo Pearl;

Close your eyes
Think of me
Let’s create
Find answers
Explore paradise
Behind closed lids
Shut it out
The maze
It distracts
It’ll clears, the haze
You’ll see
Then you’ll see
You create
You find
You explore
Think of me
As you close your eyes
What is good
Is created
First within
Behind your close lid
It’s a good sleep

Phew! It’s been an honour serving you for this time, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Till next time we bring you Freestyle Friday Recaps, Bless up!


Niel Quchi
Hannah Ijike
Tolu (The Alchemist)
Eremipaghmo Pearl


I am grateful gethsemane is not the gravesite of a salvation we could have had. That blood-like tears did not stop blood from flowing freely for fellows like me. I am grateful that sleepy friends could not hinder divine conversation and personal survival was bypassed to institute divine design.

I am grateful

Ezeonyeka Godswill
(C) 2022


I carry no fear on my shoulders
I have saved no teardrop to shed
I have left every iota of worries

Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

Worries? They have no rooms in me for rent
Harmony, peace and joy cram the whole story
Every other issue is backstory

Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

Backstory is a tale of yesterday
I spend time now swimming in God’s love
Waves of pain, illness and disease are

Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

Disease of the Egyptians shall not know me by name
Cancer is a raging empty threat
Hunger and starvation their powers rid

Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

Rid of gory garments and pierced sides
Christ rose in glory with fierce strides
Armed soldiers strapped with sleep

Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

Sleep in the arms of a loving mother
Tomorrow the fever with shudder
Because all the bugs in a million march lie

Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

March, march on Christian soldier
Relieved of every burdensome weight
Tomorrow is certain, today is fixed, last night is
Fallen at His feet, fallen, where sin is
Fallen at His feet, gathered in dirt heap

Rebekah E.
© 2020

In Sickness

You were supposed to have his back,
Be his anti-body in this sinful world,
He broke the tablets of our hearts,
When he left us for you,
You had him looking above this cloud,
This cloud of flaws hovering over humans,
You were his mentor; a star guiding him into this Perfect life,
A view obscured and inverted to our hearts,
But a clear and perfect reflection to him,

He never for once ignored your call,
Remember when he housed you with his sisters; Mary and Martha,
He never for once judged and questioned you,
But when he needed you,
You were far from home,
You could have used one of your tricks,
To race against time and space,
But you didn’t, instead, you chose your work over him,
I guess he was always a second choice,
A means to an end; the path to our hearts,

Four days! He has been dead,
This tomb now clothes his lifeless body,
The passage to the afterlife,
And here you come with your twelve,
Wearing sad faces and tears,
Like a kid who lost his candy,
If only the news of his sickness,
Had quickened your feet,
To behold your friend on his sickbed,
Maybe he would have seen another sunset,
Maybe I would have felt his lips on my forehead,
Maybe his Aunt would embraced his warmth one last time,
Just enough for us to bid him farewell,
But you abandoned him,
You broke your vows,
The communion of promises you both shared with one another,
Sleep on Lazarus,
Your friend, Jesus is here,
To say goodbye to his dear friend,
Whom in sickness, he abandoned!

Olaoye Adeleye
(C) 2020


Let’s talk about sleep
There is a sin in sleep
The sin of drunkenness
When men are not sober and careful
When you no longer watch and pray

Let’s talk about sleep
That which you do in closed eyes
Dark nights
When your lamp is out
When your love waxes cold

So how do you not sleep?
Watch and pray
Shut up and ponder the Word
Let your words be few
For a man of many words , is a man of deep sleep

And when you don’t sleep
You become a star
A light in the dark world of heavy sleepers
And you will extinguish darkness wherever you go
Making the Kingdom come

The LORD never sleeps and never slumbers
Learn a sober and self controlled lesson
His army is a people of an alert watching and waiting
Are you in the LORD’s army?
What are you waiting for?

The LORD gives to His beloved sleep
In His presence is joy and pleasures for ever more
This is not like the fleeting pleasures of sin
This is the orgasm of resurrection
The sleep He gives is the resurrection of a living sacrifice

While men slept, the enemy sows tars
Your old men shall dream dreams
You sleep in order to dream
This is a word for the wise at heart
A promise for them who have a track record of the fear of God

Favour Omeje
© 2020


Deep in my slumber
I heard the audible whisper
A persistent voice searing on my drums
Arise ! Arise ! Arise !

I closed the lids and tried drifting to sleep
But the tone came like the bleat of a sheep
A bang to the ear; It was a raging storm
All I saw was an image without form

Standing like a statue I boiled in red
My mind soaked in dirt and fusty
I tried hearkening to the voice I heard
It was all cloudy and musty

Then came the shimmering beams
And I heard my soul singing
So clear was the message ringing
Live the DREAM!

Ugwu Vincent
© 2019

The Zone

I crawl, and it’s okay for me
Cause standing tall means I could fall
But then…I will be seeing better while standing
And I could take a step or two for all to see

See, Moses was my comfort zone
I stayed sure with him until he was wrong
Now he’s gone
And I need to be strong
And courageous
And bold

Because that’s what I was meant to be all along
I had been with my 100 sheep
All obedient, no strays attached
But see the wild beast came and took one
So should I go for that lost obedient one
Or stay with the 99
98, 87, 56, 4, 3, 2,1 until I realize that I washed once again, wrong

We mistake mediocrity for moderation and vice versa
We prefer to sleep all day and be obsessed because it’s easy
than to work with our bare hands and buy a new car
No new signs!
And just as water is a good servant and a wicked master so is that comfort zone of yours
For whatever stops moving, starts moving back
And the frog that gets cozy with a warming water, gets boiled in the end

So sit, then crawl, then stand and walk, then look and leap and jump, or fly and soar
Before walking to your new seat really fulfilled
Cause, our sole purpose is to leave our restful zone to our purposed zone
Which is certain to give great comfort,
And It’s cool to work within your comfort zone but know when to leave
Cause there’s more to life than just sitting
We’re desire to become bold and courageous and strong

Azubuike Chinonso

A hand with a cross

These crosses the empty zones
Like a flying drone
A game of the weak with the strong
Not exactly a contest
But an interest, a request of a savior.

A game for the peak and a tale of the wrong
This is about the struggle
That rumbles with man’s eternity
He has been a warrior since the day one
Faces persecution
Stoned by test and trials
Wandered away from the rally of deceit into the valley of shadow of death
Yet a hand bared the cross

In the realm of sleep
Wars, battlefront
Against the devouring clone
With hopelessness and darkness
And at the tip of condemnation
Rises the hand that bares the cross

And when flaws
Had risen and fallen
Like a raging sea
Waging war against itself
Beneath the surface of reality
Grew strength
To move on that narrow lane
For he who bared the cross
Has render all flaws useless
And had broken all chains by His blood

(c) The Alchemist