The Experience

When I was a child
I learnt, with no particular sense of responsibility, the concept of responsibility from my LEGO pieces;
The law of “one step at a time”, putting piece after piece together to make a fulfilling LEGO nation.

Then I got curious about those things that give life true meaning;
About the creator of every nation;
Who wields the power of love without an iota of the love of power.

In him is the highest of places which before men may seem like the lowest of estates.

It’s the magic of the trinity that exposed the Holy of Holies;
With Jesus in heaven, he transferred residence and became domiciled in my heart.
I have become the ark of the better covenant.

I am the tabernacle of the most high.
And with every sense of responsibility, I take this message beyond my LEGO nation to every nation.

He lives, He reigns… He is Love.

The Alchemist,Sophie
(c) 2018.

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