Reducing scarcity dissolves celebrity statuses so its safe to say that ‘being Frank’ saves the day,

I’m here to be Frank, I can’t pretend just to please anyone… I’m here…to be Frank,

I want friends who are wise so I can fool around safely. So I never wonder if I’m wrong since they shoot their thoughts straight at my phone just to bullseye me with a sharp ‘I miss you’,

I want friends who forget that I have to go and sigh at my goodbyes like we’ll never meet again. Their eyes glow when I appear; I am a star, they are mirrors,

Maybe that’s why they say ‘Tell me your friend, and I’ll tell you who you are,’ because that’s not in the Bible,

But my friends though…

I’m upset when they’re amused and I’m used to the use of my absence for the discussion of weightier matters,

But do I change them like I change shaving sticks? No. I am enough, they are enough,

Some books book a book-long look of flukes for me to get hooked on to with the look of a promise like, ‘Look, if you took on this and that look and hook on to this and that spook, your nook of Looks will be so warm, johns will pray to host you. You can mark it anywhere’,

But they are all tax collectors and like a Mat you write ‘welcome’ on, they are hardly ever inside the story building up as our lives, so they don’t see our flaws while promising windows for each sealing,

Temperaments and Peppermints have taught me this; If you are predictable and pleasant, there still is no guarantee that the other person will be,

In my search for the pinnacle of a stable relationship I took a stab at a popular question. No one sees the selfishness of the silence this question is serially supplied with, the question is…

What are friends for?

Is a friend in need a friend indeed? If yes then answer this;
Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friend, which of your friends can you die for?

Don’t worry Jesus died for your friends so don’t worry,
Gies of God to each other. A friend in need is just opportunely so. So once again, let’s ‘be Frank’; I am friends with you because I love you. I won’t always want you around but that’s not a reflection of my displeasure.

And when I’m gone just carry on, don’t mourn, rejoice every time you do recall my voice. We’ve come a long way, from where we began, and I’ll tell you all about it, when I see you again,

I’ll be careful when I am ‘being Frank’ with you so I don’t hurt you in a bid to say my mind,

The stench of fellowships…often murdered by honesty;
The smeh smeh whispers of Frank.

Its safe to say ‘being Frank’ should be replaced with being ourselves,

After all, who is Frank? I don’t know him. Let’s keep it simple,

I am The Niel Quchi; and I just want to make common sense.

The Niel

(c) 2018

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