Christians clapping for the dusty
Rusty riches reaching for the hearts above, see?
Lust is the new faith, bro
So we aiming for the jet and cash flow, Abraham flow.

Now they’re saying that the ‘Amen’ did it.
Sitting in the new year; still above digits.
Woulda died broke, but am still living.
No I don’t tithe but am still given.
Wives tales wagging, nebios growing.
Up-down pastors, feature lies past us
Talk back at critics like the money is the measure

But all the riches in the world all disappear
Only the Word and those who hold him dear
Will still be here
I dont care which year
The end is a car and the world is a reindeer
I am not afraid, I am certain ’bout my reign dear.
Man’s not cold, whether or not it rain there
By faith I am sure we go reign there.

The Neil

(c) 2018

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