This is me
In you
Swimming around the enclosed space
Learning my surroundings
This is me
As i get to know you
As we get to share a body.
I can’t wait
To share the world with you
To eat what you eat
To see what you see
I can’t wait
To show you ME
To be held by you
To give you that heartbreaking smile
I have hands!
I can’t wait to explore the contour of your face
With them
I have legs!
Though tiny
I can’t wait to bring home trophies
Of different races
Yes, I’m learning
Learning to know happiness, sadness,
Learning to know the sound of your cry.
Though i wonder why you cry so much
You touch me and you cry
A cry of sadness.
Then i hear the voice
Telling you, “Don’t worry, it will be over soon”.
Mom don’t worry,
It’ll be over
Then we’ll be happy again
I’ll fill your world with joy
I’ll make you the happiest person
But mom, why are you still sad?
I now feel a little cold
I don’t know why.
Then i feel
As you open your legs
I feel the metal
Probing, probing, searching for me.
Mom, it’s not yet time!
Then the metal clamped on my right arm
And PULLED!!!!
The PAIN, the PAIN!!
The sharp, searing pain!!
Mom, what’s happening??!!!
My right arm is gone!
Why are you doing this??
I thought you loved me!
I promise I’d be good
I’d study hard
I won’t be a bother
Please just MAKE THIS STOP!!
My left arm!
My beautiful legs
My trophy legs!
My eyes!!!
Why, mother?
Why did you make me?
Just to throw me away
Just to deny me a chance of life?
As i breathe my last
The last thing on my mind
Is a question for you, mother.


(c) 2018

2 thoughts on “WHY??

    • Godswill says:

      Hello, we always try to get images from free sites such as pexels.com We apologise for this error and we have corrected it. We are really sorry for this oversight.


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