Everyday Jesus:​So I’m a christian

“I’m a christian” I’ve for long being one

I’m a Christian, it’s become a tradition

An audition to find a place to fit in.

“I’m a christian” it doesn’t seem so unique anymore

More like the movie ” Ben ten” everyone has a story to tell

A beautiful tale to relate with

Because it sounds so evenly

And no more heavenly.

And daily these words as become a regular routine

But wise is the words that says” many are called, but few are chosen”

My question is when will this chain be loosen

Because christ has risen

And this poor ideology ” way of pretence” has been broken 

” we are christians” yet we swim in the pool of sin

” we are christians” yet we live to be seen

And not for the glory of the one that has called to be human beings

We are dwelling in the evil things

And truth is lacking

Yet we clamouring to be root of perfection.

“I’m a christian” I read my bible and do it right

Yet you found wanting

Barely, you shine your light

Obviously, people still see you fight

You are locked into the prison of self

And fed with poison of ignorance

Slowly, slowly you go

And near death without a good tale to tell

But just ” I’m a christian”

By Toluthealchemist.

(c) 2017

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