Everyday Jesus Gives us Choices


With birth, the start to all life, all things

We, from a biparental picture

Made in God’s image and with man’s nature

We inherit their genes and their sins
The lamb becomes a sheep, the cub a lion

Growth is sure, maturity may come

But we always have His grace to rely on

Our lives under watch: for time will tell

Like quarantine in an epidemic

The virus is sin; Satan the vector

The cure is salvation; Christ, the doctor
The green of fresh plants

The pale as petals wither

Sweet melodies of chirping birds

Painful maladies from poison dreads

Stillness and tranquil of soothing eves

Unrest and discord which a panic gives

Two sides to every coin, our choices comprehend

Everlasting life or death in the end

© Erudite 2017

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