Our bond was gone

Torn by playing self’s strings, a concerto to otherness

A faint flame of nascent doubt nagged into crushing inferno

Thrusting and thrashing through trust’s defenses

To throw open heart’s doors to alternative truth

A deluge wild and free, everywhere and purposeless

Your walls gave way to vast fields to explore

Space filled with beautiful flowers and murderous fanged beasts

My emotions were terror-driven ecstacy, happy masks for painful dying

As I danced about independence’s gift, understanding and doom

Life was exile

Life was being lost, for life was lost

Life was the highway’s speeding car without brakes

Life was the pungent presence of putrefaction

But I hid my shame, nostalgia de la boue finely propped up

Our love was worn

Battered by sounds from within

Counterfeits of true creation ballad

I swam the me-tune, the egocentric universe

I found it without stars, cold, dark, merciless

Memories of you welled up on the inside, a piercing plea

To call me back to your walled protecrorate

The infinite love-space in which I now roam

You were my way home, falling to become the link bridge

You are my home, the One in whom I’m complete.

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