I heard God say…But by my spirit, you are made to stand.
Those words warred in patient wards of my heart as I stood lying to myself. 
So he said, ‘Why did you doubt?’
‘Lord I believe…but God has lied to me. They say he’d never fail, he successfully let my mother die.’
‘But you should know that she is alive. Why are you letting her sleep cause you doubt?’

Every heart knows the taste of truth. My struggle has never been faith. Because I believe…I believe in Jesus, I believe in the power of His spirit. I just need to forgive God for my ignorance. I need to be sincere with myself. God is not the problem, I have to renew my mind so that every day, every minute, no matter what I face, I never forget that I…We are the empowered sons.
I will fall as I take the baby steps to renewing my mind. I might fall A thousand times more.
Until I stop seeing every new 365 days as a Year of honor, power, wealth and influence, throughout my life; I’ll be riding upon my high places. Forget about a Year of new beginning.
As you go forward, understand; that we are his glory. Great grace has been shown to us already. You don’t need a keyboard to Enter into his rest.
Be the Eagle, Jesus died for you to be example and let others Get On eagles wings. Show them we here live in the Year of His power every year.
Not for only 365 days, no! No more limits
Forever we are “Above only”. So when you hear things and your eyes shift from the Author and finisher of our faith, look yourself in the mirror of the Word and ask yourself, ‘What are you doing down there?’

Niel Quichi

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