EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Reminisce, 02,017 ! II

EverydayJesus saves the day because, we know that while we are Clark Kent every time, we are might still be Karl El, every other time, no fussing!


EverydayJesus hangs out with the Father, because that is just how the mirror principle works!


EverydayJesus speaks a language, because we are not the X-men kinda mutants, hope you get it!


EverydayJesus ‘Rests’ because that is how we use to do it!


EverydayJesus makes men free, because we know that ADAM MAN (anagram for A MAD MAN) needs total overhauling, if you get my drift. I mean, my cooking pot’s always cleaner when I wash it inside-out!


EverydayJesus has you all figured out; translation whenever you feel a little like a wreck, He is your ‘go-to-guy’ for anything, and He’s got that neon ‘ASK ME’ sign you’ve been looking out for, okay? Thanks!

Oh yeah, I’ve been loading you some good stuffs, all of them cherries, right?

Here’s what I want you to do:

Read any of your Favorite everydayJesus February pieces again, and make me a cherry as well! You might want to use our comment box as your kitchen! LOL.


By Favouromeje, 2017

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