EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘thinking out loud’ (an excerpt from ‘Schisms’)!

I am favouromeje and I really like romance… a lot! I like having a generous dip in the red sea of passion, especially when it’s rumbling blood and thunder, and of course preferably with the most qualified young blood there is. In fact if I were not Spirit-tamed, then gents of the like of Leonardo DiCaprio would’ve stood great chances with me. Once upon a time, I was a fifteen year old church kid, my tracts in hand, I had my Bible in my head, and of course my thirty year old crush in my heart.

Well, I grew up – or let’s say I am a little grown now.  Now, I am a Jesus chick, His freak if you care, His love and Word in my heart, His Gospel in my mouth, in my fingers too if you’ve noticed, and of course a crush from time to time – sometimes, more than one crush at a time. El-oh-el! Last semester, I had this major mutual crush, who almost swept me off my feet before I decided to tell my Jesus about it – thank God I was able to! I decided to honestly tell Jesus just what was going on in my mind – not like he hadn’t been always aware. Then, I made up my mind to accept the wind of passion blowing on me, without struggling with or fighting it. I know that Jesus loves me anyhow and anyways! So guess what, I decided to allow myself to relax and enjoy the feeling while it lasted. Yes “enjoy it”, I said, no word mincing! Jesus understood the situation, so why should I fear? He made me passion-electric-charged as a single, and he was in control so why couldn’t I just trust him with my hormones? Well I knew better than to not let myself bask in the Love of Christ, He who could put the charged Favour safe and tamed. I know that I can really get the hots for an attractive ‘spec’, but I also know that it is mine to choose what to do with the heat. Jesus taught me by Brother Paul that I am so DEAD as far as fornication or the like was concerned. It wasn’t any motivational dewy-eyed statement, but my most basic reality in Christ. It is a knowledge thing! It doesn’t matter to me if I enjoy the gaze of my preferred male that heats me up, or even the attention he gives me because I know that I can simply afford to trust my Jesus to keep me from burning up and out. Like every fire, my ‘unnecessary’ passions burned out, and me, always survived unscathed! (Winks).

Now look what I have learned:

 Love is a substance and not a feeling.

 Love is not an emotion unless you prefer to slam an insult on Love’s face.

 Love is God and Love is God’s.

 Love cannot be won; Love is a gift given daily.

 Love is not the reward given to a woman for being desirable in form, neither is it that given to a man for possessing a sturdy build, witty wit, and a ‘Goldy’ purse.

 Love lays down and never demands a thing.

 Hot, passionate and sizzling romance ≠ Love!

 Love can be expressed within the context of passion and romance, as well as within the environment of family and friendship.

 Tis Love when I decide to help a young man most especially a mutant male to slow down and not fan the fire of a mutual or non-mutual desire although I surely do enjoy watching it sizzling.

 And no matter how close I get to the brink of a most heated romantic situation, I can confidently tell you that my Jesus had always been my ‘Omnipotent-Save-the-Day’!

 Love is a product of a decision and not the result of some hormonal coercion.

 We don’t wait for Love to find us; if you have the Genetic Code, please give Love!

 That a guy seems to be the only one at the time who could make my heart miss a beat, doesn’t mean that I would be willing to put myself in the line for him.

 And that a young man is having either divulged or disguised passions for me, a.k.a fooling around with me, does not mean that he necessarily loves me.

 It is very possible to have strong feelings for some guy without deciding to have a tiny pinch of Love for him – I have been there.

 It is also possible to have an ocean of Love for a guy without having any drop of feelings attached to it – also been there.

 Love is the willing decision to commit oneself to eating another’s shit whether you feel like it or not.

 Love is Love and has no types, forget the lying schemes of the devil floating in books and movies – I can tell ya

 Love may be expressed in different contexts and environments such as family, romance etc.

 Love is for both opposite and like charged individuals, if you know what I mean

 Love is the Life!

 It is only men and women who are born of the Spirit of the Love God, who are capable of the Love Life!

Live it, if you are able!


By Favouromeje 2016.

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