Dear Future Husband 2

                                                                                                                    January 2, 2017.      

Dear Future Husband,

When I first decided to write to you, it was because I received a major vibration from my little heart!

I felt that you had already found me, but you are probably looking in places other than me, for how to win me.

My Bestest, I need you to know that I cannot be won by any man. No man has ever won my heart from the time I was created, made, and even until I knew my name.

I may have noticed and thought about some guys in the past, I’ve even stayed up late thinking about some of them but I can tell you by the air I draw every day that no man ever won me.

There is a Chinese proverb I guess, that says that a cowardly man never won a fair lady. That might have some truths in it, but it is not a complete bundle of truth. It is only fairly true when ‘Biology’ and ‘Chemistry’ were the only things that ruled the universe, but you know that has never been the case. I believe you know that we may not be able to keep up with singing the ‘Biology’ and ‘Chemistry’ song all year round, but that our Faith in God would keep us remain steadfast as Spirit beings even in our everyday ‘Biology’ and ‘Chemistry’ charged home.

Nevertheless, I am confident that you are not a coward before anything including any woman that says she is fairer to behold than Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico. You’d effortlessly sweep her off her feet by the very air of your presence. This is simply because you are not being moved by a timid spirit but by the very Spirit that is both sound-minded and lion-bold.

I hope you know that I don’t flatter people, but that I feel a true sense of meaning and purpose, reminding you these things. Needless to say, I have never been smooth with being flattered myself!

Nevertheless, I want you to avoid the temptations of looking for smooth punch lines for wooing me because that would be completely unnecessary!

Dearest, you are not able, and you cannot win me, no matter how hard you tried, sorry!

You cannot win me because I am God’s gift to you. Gifts are not won, deserved, and gifts cannot be earned, that is why they are called gifts and not reward!

I am God’s gift to you, neither because you’ve been a Christian good young man, nor because your words are smoother than King Solomon’s, but because you are highly favored by the extravagant Grace of Yahweh Himself!

Therefore, if you have found yourself hidden in Christ, as I know you have, then you shouldn’t be racking your head with ‘sweet’ lines for buttering me up to yield myself to you, because my heart beats daily, tucked away in your heart already.

This is what I want you to do:

Please, listen to your heart, your own very spirit which is one with the Spirit whenever I am around you. Do not listen to your mind because it’ll always mess things up for you as long as I am the woman who remains your heart’s desire.

So, listen to your spirit and let that heart of yours receive signals from the Spirit as instructions for your mind to work with.

Whenever you decide to end your schemes of winning my heart as though it were a conquest, then you’d actually have me literally in your arms to keep. You know, I have been yours even before the world began. Father can testify to that truth, for He alone is true.

Even if my heart were to be a conquest for a few selected order of men, then I really need you to know that our Father had already won me for you a very long time ago! You had always been the winner even before you got enlisted.

Listen, the music your heart sings when it beats and the very simple words of your mouth are just all the lines that you ever needed. The heat from the laser gaze of your eyes could burn up my Jericho wall of defenses (even if there were any)! You don’t learn how to gaze, do you? It’s just there, right?

The way you’d search my heart when you listen to yours, is all that you ever needed, for I am already yours to keep. The very air of your presence makes me both self-conscious and free, and those are already winning lines for you!

Whenever you are being a good brother to the members of our family, I am left awestruck; and when you save situations like the Omnipotent save-the-day Himself, you don’t realize how my heart misses a beat and bows in worship of you, my Lord!

When I listen intently to you spill your insights, you do not realize how it’d be a slap on me, to call me your cheerleader because I know that I am an ardent ‘worshipper’ of you, my king.

Do not shudder and be uncomfortable my Lord, to receive my worship because I know that Father’s just fine with it!

Therefore, please do not learn cheap lines for me, or even try to cook up things for me at any moment you are with me because even though girls love sweet nothings, I personally live on you, and I know that you are not just something or someone.

You are you!

                                                                                                               Your own very,








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