EVERYDAYJESUS’ 100% woman(an update)!

I don’t just like the pictures that the movie industries paint on the single and whole woman, Nollywood for one, I am not saying that Hollywood is doing any better, but then what can I say? Well, don’t bother asking me to quit judging and show my own stuff, because that is my very objective in engaging you in this ‘slipper talk’ in the first place. So, let me do my thing, the ‘me’ pro way.

Favouromeje, 0’16

Dedicated to every man and woman who has accepted a poorly done portrait by a ‘six months old professional artist’, cooing in a daycare and peeing into his nappy, and who is unfortunately planning to give such a piece to his/her beloved for a present.
“You might prefer a masterpiece done by an artist trained in the right use of paints and brushes- the Word, over that of an artist who paints with poop, wee, and a tit-drag of inspiration from the content of a milk bottle”
My whole woman is not made whole and complete simply because she has a high tech well-paying job, a good ride, a pretty-as-she apartment, a fleet of interested males, a major Adekunle Gold giving her the Sade attention, a beautiful skin and always groomed hair, a strong clique of friends and of course a little dash of sass-mercy me! And oh, I forgot to add ‘plus a good spiritual life’!
My whole woman is not made whole by the things she has, but by the very stuff she is made of.
Mathematically speaking,
0.1 + 0.2 + 0.3 + 0.4 ≠ 1;
1=1. Period!
My whole woman is not made whole by the job she does, but on the contrary, her job is made whole simply because she is the one doing it. Similarly, she never receives her value from anything however huge, but she confers value on anything however small, as long as she has laid her hands on it. The same thing goes to anything car you find her riding.
Her apartment need not be large or fancy, but you can be guaranteed that she is the only one who is able to turn a man’s little corner into a castle without having to change its dimensions. Her amorous presence, and gracious touches would do much more magic than all that the best home makeover artists could offer you. And while she is doing that, you will come to realize and enjoy your own royal kingdom, where she is both your queen and your most loyal subject from the comfort of your humble place turned palace.
My whole woman does not need a Wilton cake lift or turn table in order to prove her kitchen elegance but if Wilton hands her one, she’d teach him how to use it!
She may or may not have a great band of interested males but just know that either way, she hardly ever notices because she is so taken by her Father’s business.
She need not run her relationships from the desk of any clique but you must bear in mind that if you ever come her way as a woman, you’ll walk by with a gem lesson to live by, and if you decide to be a man the day you came her way, then you’ll never have to forget the positive and right perspectives she would evoke, plus a good bite of encouragement to chew on as you till the ground. And if you were little the day you came her way, you’ll have a treasured seed to spend your days growing and eating from. And if you were her Abba Daddy, then you’ll know that she is the worship, and the son you’ve sort for from the beginning.
My whole woman doesn’t merely have a spiritual life unfortunately, but she lives the Spirit life, the love life coded for by the Spirit Gene. She is the 100% woman, the Theo-Sapiens woman, totally God, totally man.
My whole woman is therefore that woman who is, who knows that she is 100% God 100% man, and who allows this truth to be beneficial to both herself and the people who come her way every day.
By Favouromeje, 2016.


2 thoughts on “EVERYDAYJESUS’ 100% woman(an update)!

    • favouromeje says:

      Thanks a bunch 100% Ruthy. You know, meeting young women of your kind could really show anyone who wants to know, the sharp contrast between the 100% woman and the 99.99% woman. Ihe di iche erika, the difference is clear!
      P.S. I hope you know that you are neither mmege nor orente, you are 100%!


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