EVERYDAYJESUS is our clarity too (a review)!

Let’s study a bit
Take what we have known and put them in perspective of the whole bible and see what we find
Let’s start from the beginning.
And when I say ‘beginning’ I mean Genesis
Let’s start from ‘Moses’
There are thoughts which should have come to your mind if you read the bible and if they haven’t, let me bring them
Moses was born in Exodus 2.
But he wrote the book of Genesis?
You would be careful in reading the things that he wrote happened before Abraham and especially before NOAH.
Then we think most of the things he wrote were by inspiration and he wrote to his understanding…..We believe Moses wrote Genesis to Deuteronomy but I saw Deuteronomy 34:5-6
5…Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord.
6. And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab……….
Was that by inspiration too?
The only explanation is that someone else wrote that Book. But then, studies in the Old Testament show us that other parts of the Torah or Pentateuch are stylistically inconsistent. For example, have you noticed that there are two creation accounts? And they are not like the accounts of the gospels. The gospels as you know, even with differences, often say the same thing. So while in Mark, Jesus could do no mighty works in a certain place, in Matthew Jesus could also do no mighty works in the same place.
But in Genesis, we see God makes male and female in Chapter 1 but makes a male alone at first in Chapter 2 before a woman. Jesus even quotes this passage Matthew 19 and Mark 10. If Moses was
operating under inspiration, would the inspirer contradict himself or would Moses, writing, not notice his own inconsistencies?
Yet for me the most compelling proof against the authorship of Moses is the fact that the Pentateuch is written in Third person. Why would I refer to myself in third person when writing about myself?
Other examples can be found in Amos, Hosea and Isaiah (amongst others) of prophets whose ministry was documented by other people. It doesn’t reduce the authenticity or audacity of the books or the prophets. Ezekiel is the only Major Prophet that wrote by himself, and it can be seen in his style. He writes in first person perspective. It’s very simple.
Now, a lot of Christians believe the curse at the end of Revelation will apply to them if they dare think through scripture like this. So they’d rather let some pastor take the blame while they blindly follow him. It’s OK…
However, the curse in Revelation can only apply to the book of Revelation since the Bible was not compiled by then. With knowledge like this, we can better understand the anachronisms and variations in the Pentateuch.
In Mark 5, Jesus says Moses was talking about him; that is to say, Moses is reported as saying things which actually were about him, Jesus.
Study for yourself… Dig into the Old Testament… Because EVERDAYJESUS is our clarity too.
Reviewed by Daniel Achikanu.

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