EVERYDAYJESUS and my hairs! (An update)

I don’t really know about you but I think Jesus is a hair freak!
“…But the very hairs of your head are all numbered”- Matthew 10:30(KJV)
When I was born, I had over 15000 hair follicles and I don’t have exactly the same number with everyone else, He took my initial hair count or let’s say he knew the number already. Right?
As I grow older, every day somehow, some hair follicles begin to die and some of my hairs would definitely fall out no matter how good I am with my regimen. I don’t have the same hair count everyday most times, yet he keeps a count or let’s say that he takes another count.
Sometimes I am careless with my hair or maybe I am either too broke or busy to change my weave therefore my hairs fall- and He takes another count.
I might even decide to do a big chop especially now that I want to go ‘black and natural’ so he will definitely do a before and after big chop hair count.
Other times my beauty mode would be activated and I would take care of pretty old hair and I do know that Jesus would recount. In fact He would be the only one who would know how much exactly old hair improved.
My point is that my hair number is not constant and would change naturally or at my own will.
He is not just busy counting my hairs but yours too! So c’mon He is either a hair freak or a ‘me’ freak!
Both ways I am glad that counting my hairs is on His daily to-do list. Whether He does it while I am running about my busyness or while I sleep it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Jesus is more hair freak than myself and I love Him for that.
By Favouromeje, 2016.


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