Growing up, I used to really like television advertisements. I particularly used to like the advertisements of tobacco brands. As a matter of fact, Rothmans® King Size used to take me over the roof with this ending: “… the best tobacco money can buy”. It was giving me a perspective of that tobacco brand. I remember telling myself “when I am 18, I will try it out”. Thankfully, I did not.

Moving away from tobacco brands, I found the Peak® advertisement quite captivating and motivating. At the end of the advertisement, they will end with this message: “… it’s in you”. That message triggered hope on the inside of me. It made me begin to see myself achieving great feats in the nearest future. My constant exposure to this message made me see a whole lot of possibilities.

I simply wrote this piece to tell you that IT’S IN YOU. Everything you need to be great in life has been put inside of you by your Creator. You are a masterpiece. You are the original of you. You have what it takes to build that Multi-billion-Dollar establishment. Oh, yours is a global fashion brand? You’ve got it in you. Maybe yours is to be an industry giant, it’s in you. Now before you read any further, take 60 seconds and tell yourself “I’VE GOT IT IN ME!”. Oh do not hesitate, declare it now.

Do not let the euphoria of destiny helpers put you in a deluded state. As a matter of fact, I do not believe in your destiny helper locating you just like that. God is a miracle worker and not a magician. You have to release something from your inside that will attract your destiny helpers. Even if God was to send someone to help you become what you were destined to be, it will be in response to a signal you have released from your inside, possibly through prayer. You can get religious all you want, but you can only be made free by the truth. This is freedom coming your way today. You have to release YOU from the inside to begin to dare those feats.



(Transforming the World through the Word)

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