You know what? I am tired of hearing how impoverished your background is. I am getting irritated of your excuses and reasons for not attempting that feat. You do not have all that is required, so bloody what? I am telling you this because your dumb excuses are beginning to irritate me. I am sick and tired of them. Would you just shut up?!

The next thing you will tell me now is that you did not finish school and the one you even went to was a community school in your village or you lost your dad when you were tender.  Who told you that your dad has to be there before you amount to anything? Oh now, you want to blame him for your inability to stand up and grab the opportunities that has come your way so far? My friend, just shut up!

Let me let you in on some realities that your deluded and lazy mind has failed to see.

I want to tell you about Ben Carson. Oh, if you do not know that story go to the nearest bookshop and buy GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson. At age 8, he was a victim of a disjointed family. His parents were divorced and he, with his brother, had to be brought up by his mother alone. Wasn’t that enough excuse to become irrelevant in life? That is not even as bad as what became of him in his early school days. He dropped to the bottom of the class and became an object of ridicule. With his mother’s help, he activated his imaginative power. He became determined to change the narrative. Long story short, he did not allow himself to be drowned in excuses. He did something to ensure he amounted to something.

You see why your excuses are making me nauseous? Stop telling me why you cannot and start making bold steps to utilize the world of opportunities that are coming your way. Being disadvantaged is a state of mind and you need to snap out of it. Stop giving me excuses, I no longer want to hear them. DO SOMETHING!

Excuses are tools of the incompetent used to build monuments to nothing. For those who specialize in them shall never be good at anything else

– Anonymous


(Transforming the World through the Word)

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