Poetry in Pottery


I went to the potter’s house today ( not the one up for sale :D)

When I got in, the potter welcomed me and I got to see around. Then he set colorful pots before me.

“Poetry in clay jars”, he had said.

Poetry? Was being presented to me? In clay jars? images-1I watched him set them and I found they were in the order of the colors of the rainbow. I marveled as the white light shone on them and yet they reflected different colors. (1 Corinthians 12:14)

“Select one.”

I pointed at the one I selected. I’d chosen the yellow pot.

“The Yellow Poet”, he said smiling.

The pot was suddenly raised before me and left to hit the ground in a ‘thud’. I shrieked, “But why!”

“Take a look at the jagged pieces. You’ll see how God’s strength is shown in our weaknesses.”

So I looked on the floor and at the jagged pieces. There were pieces of different shapes and sizes. I looked at the jagged yellow particles. Some were rounded and big enough to hold water. Some were just too small and yet they were an indispensable part of the entire pottery, and sharp enough to prick the sole of one’s foot. Some others were just jagged enough; not too small, not too big.

But they all had poetry inscribed on them. Poetry pieces that comforted (stood the test of time, held water), dilapidated strongholds (hit the nail on the head, pricked), and there were pieces that just fed ( preached, were for just the right time and place).

“What do you see?”

“Poetry in jagged pieces! ”

I was happy. All of a sudden I was filled with joy and I began praising God.

“You feared for the broken pottery but you forget I am the potter and I know the purpose behind the moulding of each pot. If these clay jars, for instance, are not broken, how then can you find the poetry inscribed in them?

These clay jars are the height of my beauty and power ( Psalm 139:14) but they must be broken if their real purpose is to be met.” said the potter to me.

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