EverydayJesus Hates the Dark!

Love Life; hate Darkness!

Love is light; hate is darkness.

Walking in love is light; walking in hate is darkness.

Walking in love is walking in light; walking in hate is walking in darkness.

Loving gives light; hating gives darkness.

Love makes you see; hate makes you blind

Love gives you enough light to see the best in your brother; hate gives you enough darkness not to see the good in your brother.

When you see, you do not stumble; when you are blind you stumble.

The Mutant sees because he has light; the world do not see because they have darkness.

Mutants are lights because they see and give sight; the world is dark because they do not see, and do give blindness.

Love is Life; hate is death

The Mutant is alive; the world is dead.

Love to live; hate to die

The Mutant loves because they are alive; the world hates they are dead.

To love is to live; to hate is to die

Lovers are living men; haters are dead men

Love is the Great Enlightenment; hate is the Great Darkness.

The Mutant lives in the Age of Enlightenment; the world lives in the Dark Age.

Love the Light; hate the dark.

To love is to know; to hate, is to not know.

To love is to know God; to hate is to not know God.

Knowledge is the Love maturity, this is the Christian maturity, and this is also the very core of God, the Bible and who He is.

For me, enlightenment is when you know enough to put your life in the line for another without them even knowing it, let alone reciprocating the gesture- this is not rocket science, is it?. On the other hand, when the best you know is how best to have your way and feel important without anyone (including yourself) ever knowing it, let alone reciprocating the “kind” gesture, then you are in the Dark Age- sorry.

1 John 2,3&4.





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