#EverydayJesus is my Identity card

So, today after fishing my phone from the bag of rice where I kept it to dry out, I am reminded of the Centurion who said, ‘I am a man under authority. I say to this man ‘go!’ and he goes…’
He’s being a centurion is not diminished by how filthy or soiled his garments are. He is who he is. A lot of times, christians put up this weird ‘we have problems and we’re waiting for God to help’ mentality. I want nothing to do with that. In almost every case, I win. And when I don’t, I learn and win next time. I don’t need pity. I am a Son of God. My bright smile and obvious contentment is a puzzle to the strangers who meet me. 

They wonder at me…because I know my God.


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