Hello, my name is Godswill. I am the Chief Editor and resource person on the Christ-a-Poet team for the Transforming Word Series. I would sincerely like to apologise for the inconsistencies related with our weekly TWS posts and I take full responsibility as our facilitator, Mr Ibeh Uche Sam, has not failed in making available his very rich content on time. A number of circumstances have played resulting in these inconsistencies however, I will see to it that such circumstances are handled properly without hindering the series. Here’s today’s installment and without fail be sure to check in right here, Monday by 10am every week for Transforming Word Series.

The early stages of liferathon is always rosy, bloomy and very much aglow. There is a sense of optimism and positive drive to get to the finish line victorious. You seem to have it all sorted out and everything is just dapper. You have already drawn out your expectations based on your immediate proclivities. Everything responds to your very command at the early stages. You’ve got the fervour and intensity to run.

Just like the Eagle, a time comes when all the plans begin to fizzle, the future begins to look bleak, expectations begin to lower and all the energy and intensity starts dying down. This could be as a result of difficulties encountered along the track or a number of other reasons. Like we have established in the series, this is when life happens. Here, you are faced with two options; give up or find a solution.

The easiest option always is to give up. Permit me to say that it is easier to die for something than to live for it. I am by no means bringing martyrdom to disrepute, but the choice of holding on and holding out is always the most difficult to make. You have to make the choice to live for something or die for nothing.

I encourage you today to take the Eagle’s way. Don’t quit yet, there is so much to live for. Don’t join the statistics of men who die full of potentials. For you to survive, you must locate your place of waiting; your Rehab. That is where you meet with God, your maker. That is the rendezvous. For the Eagle, it is the mountain. Where is your rendezvous?

“But those who keep waiting for the Lord will renew their strength. Then they’ll soar on wings like eagles; they’ll run and not grow weary; they’ll walk and not grow tired.” Isa. 40:31 (ISV).

Stay blessed.


(Transforming the World through the Word)


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