#EVERYDAYJESUS speaks well too

It takes a lot hard-heartedness for the prophets of Christendom in Nigeria today to carry on with their myopic denominationalism while the masses of faithfuls under their responsibilities suffer in the hands of thieves and looters who are ironically part of their congregations.
It is easy to perceive the epic perversion of our perspectives. We’ve all fallen from loving our neighbors as we do ourselves to loving our neighbors because we love ourselves. Instead of not casting away any person God has given us, we’ve let capitalism and shortsightedness teach us about life and righteousness.

Prophets ought to remind the people of their spiritual identity. Instead today’s prophets are focused on materialism while professing to be God’s mouthpiece. Slowly they have taught and indoctrinated a vast majority of their society to chase after all the wrong values. Politicians who the kings of today, Cheating capitalist who prey on the entire country with their connection to the helm of affairs all kneel and are blessed by ‘men of God’ who have chosen the way of greed and fraudulent opulence.

Prophecy when used appropriately is capable of fostering a general awareness of responsibility. People will be confronted with the reality of their acts done in the seeming darkness; these acts which damage both the image of the society and its name but also the distribution of resources. It also ought to be a sharp reminder of moral principles already established.
These effects of prophecy including social Justice and an awakened sense of responsibility will in turn drive the inhabitants of the society to inadvertently support and promote development without bias or fear, because even the law enforcement agents will work on cutting down on internal corruption.

This applies to all religions in the society.


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