Everyday Jesus wants  us to know that  ​God Is Not Interested In Saving You For Destruction(2 Kings 8:1-6)

If you were there when the Israelites complained saying that the Lord and Moses had brought them out to the wilderness to be destroyed, you might have believed their report. You will see reasons with them. You might be forced to justify them by proposing that God actually planned to have them doomed by providing them with only one type of food that they had yo lose appetite to eat. You would try to consider the fact that they had no roof of any great value over their head, you would tell me that creeping things became their involuntary neighbours as the only wall they had around them each night they slept was not protection enough from such creatures. You would remind me of how rain sipped into their tent and how wild animals might have made their hearts quiver. And am sure you must be right.


   But have you considered the Shunemite woman and her child? God brought him back to life when a famine was not too far from striking. People like me would have said, “God again!” I would be thinking that God wanted to punish the lad and her mum for whatever they had done in the past. I would be waiting for the doomsday bell to bong. In fact when he told them to leave the city for the sake of the portending danger of famine, I would have concluded that all he had done for them in the past was to have more reasons to forced them out of their inheritance, but that was not the case, they gained more than they worked for by the end of the day……
Thought: dear Christian, it’s the lord’s desire that you prosper… Never fold your hand, be hardworking like the Shunemite woman who had to work in Philistine and God would add more than the worth of your work.


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