M&M- Gifts pt 2


This gift was seen many times in the new testament and it is one gift I would not spend much time on because we have seen it in operations too in our days. Many people are very conversant with this particular gift.

But one thing I would love to call to our notice is the fact that it is the GIFTS and not GIFT of healings and I believe the reason for this is simply because of the fact that different people can be afflicted differently. However it doesn’t take more power of God to cure a cancer than it takes to end a headache. It is the self same sweet Holy Spirit at work, that same power that resurrected Christ from the grave. We are the ones that have a huge picture of sicknesses painted in our minds, God is able to heal any of them at any time if we would dare to stand in our authority and pray in the name of Jesus.

You would see this gift manifested through you as you exercise your authority today in Jesus name, amen.


This gift is similar and different from the gifts of healings. Did I just say that? Okay to avoid confusion, let me differentiate them now.

Where the gifts of healings is someone having a tumor on the leg and by laying of hands tumor disappears, the working of miracles is when someone doesn’t have any leg at all and a new leg grows out. 

You get?

Like I have had a stomach ache twice already in the course of this study, I just laid hands and commanded the stomach to be well, and the last one just went. I wonder why these little imps won’t just go and rest.

…..that wasn’t an example of working of miracles please.

The working of miracles also goes beyond the human body as does healings, like when we saw Christ feed the 5,000 people in John 6:10-13, it was working of miracle. In verse 14 it says that when they have seen the MIRACLE that Jesus did……

When you make an axe head to float or go get money from the mouth of a fish, those are miracles at work.


People call this the gift of special faith, I call it the gift of faith. You need faith for anything to work in your walk with God. Your very salvation is by faith and this is where many believers have missed it.

They don’t know how to be in faith, they are spiritual(faith) beings that operate by their feelings(flesh) how would that produce any results?

This gift of faith however helps to receive. It seems passive in a way, but as I said ALL these gifts are resident in every believer because we do not carry the gifts, we carry the Spirit that gives the gifts, He is the only anointing Christ got to do all He did on this earth and when He was going He promised us that we would do greater as He sends the Spirit to us John 14:12.

Someone would ask, but how can I do more than Christ Jesus? It is a reality you had better believed it, Jesus said it HIMSELF.

These gifts intertwine too as you might manifest the gift of faith and gifts of healing at the same time and the result is someone getting free from sickness, it glorifies God.

This discussion continues next Friday, be a part, drop your questions in the comment section or send a mail to christapoet@gmail.com and get set to enter into a magnificient era of your christian life.
Grace and Peace.
Njoku Uchechi

Official Christapoet Spoken Word Poet

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