#EVERYDAYJESUS is our answer(Symolean)

Revelation 22: 9
Maybe I am wrong, but you have to help me clear this from the shelves of my heart. It has stood in the corner of my heart’s library like a rock ledge, happily taking the space I’d use for important stuff. I tried to move it but it was more than a road block; it never permitted my forward movement and I don’t want to keep going back. So, I am fixed on this spot waiting for a superman that would take it away. I can’t describe what this bag of confusion that has decided to keep me perpetually at the state of pulling and pushing without ever recording any progress is. I went outside the house only to be greeted by men as feeble as I. I called them in their numbers to help me but their strength failed us to move this small looking mass that seemed glued to the spot. We consulted big libraries; Library of Congress was our first port of call but none of the books or images we saw was close to what I have in my reading room. I travelled back time to the time of Eden only to be looked at by Adam as a fool that has got nothing realistic to say. My heart was beginning to skip beats. I wondered if what I had with me was nothing other than an instrument of destruction – I mean God’s instrument of destruction.

Maybe my record of sins in heaven has stretched longer than River Nile? May be the accusations leveled against Job was the truth in my own case? Maybe I have left the faith like Samson and the Philistines have made away with my eyes leading to my inability to even identify what I have in my reading room? But it was not only me your brother that thought the stuff in my room was a complex structure. Great professors and librarians confirmed my observation and were as confused as I was.
So, when I got tired of seeking answers to this alien occurrence, I resolved to live with the unanswered question. I decided to sacrifice that spot in my reading room that I had planned to devote to my new reading gadget to this trouble I can’t be set free from because there was no truth to set me free. That was when he entered.

He was to me as beautiful as Narssisus, face perfectly line as though it was chiseled from precious stone. He was nothing less than the description of Narsisus as Greek mythology told me, but, he was more than handsome. No human beauty could match him; he was more handsome than Narsisus and still he was not a snub figure. He was not consumed with his own cares. He knocked on my door and quietly allowed me to interrogate him like a robber yet his temper remained calm. So when I was convince to a point that he was not one of the roaring lions seeking whom to devour, I allowed him into my heart. He became, ( with confidence), to tell me the about the thing inside my room in detail without missing any part of the description. I was not intimidated by his knowledge, after all, a lot of people have paid homage to the tourist site I now have as my reading spot. Probably, he had done enough research and is now here to extort money from me. I didn’t allow him to finish his unsolicited sermon before I told him I knew where he was going to land. He looked at me and I was sure he was not lying or he have grown too big in the art of lying that he could lie and it would look like the truth. I said volumes of unkind words to him thinking that it would make him to give up the game and allow me to rest in peace – I mean in pieces with the trouble in my reading room.
So, after the whole accusations, he turned and continued his teaching. He told me how to take away the burden in my reading room as though it was just a feather. I had no other option but to try and there it worked perfectly. His theory had no limitation. I could not face him. I remembered my journey through despair in the bid to get this same thing off my room. He was glad that I accepted his help but I could not face him. So, I turned my face to the ground and fell flat on my face, my tears were doing the majority of the talking. He lifted my head and told me that he did it in behalf of me (not on behalf of me), because I am his brother. In tried to doubt him. He  knew my heart more than I could imagine. He confirmed his assertion by pointing me to the scripture and then he left me with one instruction: never to hide the secret from my other brothers. Yes, I was faithful to that course but today, I see my younger brothers who knew not where it all started seeking to be praise for sharing the insight he made available to us and when they want to feel too important, they hide it from others. This has kept my heart bleeding for years. This is what I have against the Church today.      


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